Monday, March 26, 2012

Q's "The Real Best of The Cure"

"In the new issue of Q magazine here in the UK there is a piece entitled 'The Real Best Of' where they pick 10 songs from well known artists to highlight 'your favourite bands real finest achievements' rather than the usual greatest hits selections. Although The Cure don't get a full page article, they do feature in one of the side panels where 10 songs are picked. Title given to the the selection 'It Doesn't Matter If We Die', bit disappointing they misquoted the line to start with! Anyway the songs chosen by Q writer Rob Fitzpatrick are:

1. It's Not You 'Robert Smith's breezy disdain elevates this bedsit-punk ditty to greatness'
2. In Your House 'A brilliant evocation of terror hidden behind a mask of (stoned) calmness'
3. Doubt 'A violent tribute to what Smith would call "the pointlessness of everything"'
4. Cold '"Screaming at the moon" he sings on their most claustrophobic moment'
5. The Exploding Boy 'Smith's self-reverential rattle and thrum hymn to the happiness he felt about his band's new line-up'
6. Sinking 'The spare piano line and oiled-up bassline make this an unusual classic'
7. How Beautiful You Are 'Smith considers that moment where a relationship suddenly changes'
8. Untitled ' This delicate piece considers not only the death of love but all the dreams of change that come with it'
9. A Letter to Elise 'Smith has said this song is simply about resignation, but it's a fantastically intoxicating one all the same'
10. The Only One 'A 49 year old man sings a beautiful song of love and devotion to the partner he's had for 31 years.'

There is more information about the feature here and they will be publishing two best of selections a day as Spotify playlists on their facebook page over the next few weeks." (Thanks Matthew)


  1. Sorry, I can't take any "Best Of" list seriously if it includes the most horrible Cure song of all time. : P

  2. What do you mean Craig!!!! If you mean TOO I am shocked! Haha.

  3. Of course! They should re-title the song as 'The Only One (in the set that will make you vomit)'. Yeah, I think everyone knows my feelings about that song. : )

  4. As I said in my email to you, definitely a 'I saw this and thought of you moment!'
    Was a bit surprised to see The Only One feature as well to be honest! Underneath The Stars would have fitted so much better.

  5. hatred of that song is legendary. : ) Yes, UTS would have made that such a better list. Even Hungry Ghost. Even Freakshow. Anything but TOO! : )

  6. Strange selection for me, at least for 50% of the songs he chose. Comments are interesting. Craig, 'The Only One' is a good pop song, come on. 'Round and round and round' and 'Object' are terrible, so much more than 'TOO'. My taste...just to bother you. I sent you some Curepottings and covers.

  7. Thank you, David. Yeah, need to post a bunch of Curespottings soon. : )

  8. Agree with David, you gotta prefer The Only One to Round and Round and Round, surely?!

  9. Hmm, don't think so. Both are bad, but R&R&R doesn't annoy me in the same way. I'd prefer to never hear either of them, ever again. Along with Screw and Never. : )

  10. Any songs that you guys just hate, or dislike, with a passion?

  11. Very very few Cure songs, I have to say. 'Round And Round And Round', 'Object', 'Meathook' and the added one on the Japanese/Australian 'The Cure'but I'm tired and just can't remember the title. And what about 'unexpected' favourite ones? I'd mention 'Labyrinth', 'Just One Kiss', 'Harold And Joe', 'The Scream' and 'Pornography'...

  12. passionate dislike fr
    siren song want before three one more time high friday trust r &r &r its over(redeemed by live performance though)... but 9 shit songs in 34 years is not too bad really

  13. Am I the only one to like "the only one" (haa)?
    No i'm serious. I really like it.
    But Craig you have a point. "Never" for me really is the worst song they ever did.
    And skipping "Return", "Strange attraction" & "R&R&R" on WMS really makes it a much better record.

    One of my closest friends thought "never" was the best song on "The Cure". That's just how it is. Different people, different tastes.

  14. No, Hombre, I know lots of normally sane, intelligent people who love TOO. I guess we all have our faults. : )

    Speaking of which, I LOVE Strange Attraction. Always have. But I know many fans don't like it.

    Return is okay, if I'm in the right mood, but I usually skip it.

    Oh, anther one that is in my hate list - Club America. Have always hated that one. Just awful.

  15. For dislikes i have to say Hot Hot Hot. And almost all that The Cure [2004] record. Love all the rest. Love it!

  16. I always skip High, Club America, R&R&R, Gone!, Numb, Trap, Anniversary, Alt.End, Taking Off, The Only One and The Perfect Boy. All bloody awful to my ears! I never really play WMS or 4:13 Dream, but I actually really like The Cure album apart from the above three songs from it.

  17. I must really be in the minority who love Wild Mood Swings. I suppose it's because I feel like it's the last album that the band was really taking risks and challenges. There are some missteps on there, but they're interesting ones at the very least. Even though it was varied,the production is also light years beyond what was on 4:13 Dream. As far as the worst Cure song..? Worst single is easily the Only One. I think if Dave Allen got a hold of it, he could've really transformed that song. Worst Cure song overall..? Never is a strong contender. I'm not a big fan of the Promise either, it goes on far too long.
    Now unexpected favorites? Funeral Party, Last Dance, Wendy Time, Jupiter Crash, NY Trip, Without You, Where the Birds Always Sing... Ok, I'm rambling.

    1. I'm with you on Wild Mood Swings, Aaron. I even say so in my recent blog about post-Wish Cure songs. Feel free to read & comment there as well! :)

      Without giving too much away, I didn't care much for The Cure (2004), but that's about the only low point I can think of.

      I *love* the Funeral Party and Jupiter Crash as well.

  18. Aaron - I completely agree with you about Wild Mood Swings.

  19. Thank you, Christian. So... How about that Wish remaster...? LOL. What b-sides is everyone hoping for?


  20. I also really disliked TOO for the longest time - but I gotta say my opinion miraculously turned around after hearing a good clear, live version where you can pay attention to Simon's bass line. In the instrumental section that kicks off the song and is then repeated after choruses, the bass in the final 8 measures has this up-swooping hook that he does twice, which is just buried in the studio mix. But after I heard it clearly, somehow that one thing tied the whole song together and absolutely transformed it for me. Now I really like it!

  21. One of my favorite b-sides, and favorite Cure songs ever, is "A Few Hours After This." Something about discovering it on the b-side of the Standing on a Beach cassette, I think.

    Despise? Hm...TOO is up there, but it's more creepy than "get it off!". I actually like R&R&R, it's a spinny dancey Cure song and I like that. "Just Say Yes" is atrocious to me, and I've never been fond of the words to "Never Enough." Great guitar & groove on parts of that song, but the verses are painful. And one of my least fave Cure songs? "Lovesong." There, I said it. :) Insipid lyrics and I don't love the tune. Contrast with "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, which also has insipid lyrics but the tune is ok. :)

  22. I didn't know people hated r&r&r so much, it's better than Mint Car,and doesn't have the cheesy keyboard of strange attraction, which is a great song aside from the keys. I also think people take the lyrics to The Only One a little too literal, I doubt he's singing about getting blown. Mint Car, to me is probably their worst single, good reason we never see it live, worst overall would have to be "Just say yes" Way too many great ones to list

  23. 'r&r&r' is the worst cure song of all time - it's simply awful, 'the only one' is also lame. was never a fan of 'high' either, but there you go.

    i would have gone for 'it's over' off 4:13 - great great song.

  24. JJ606 - Numb, Trap, Anniversary, Alt.End - these are all fine songs to me, but each to their own.

    as i've mentioned before if wms & 4:13 had 9 or 10 tracks they could have been very good

  25. The great thing about the cure is that you can still find something for everyone on each record.

    "The Cure" afterall is a good record. I didn't think so on release, cause i was still into that Bloodflowers sound so much. But yeah, Anniversary and Going Nowhere are one of my absoute favs now. And just like I mentioned somwhere before. The 2004 B-Sides are really superb.

    And I loved how "4:13 Dream" had it's own kinda flow - like speeding up to the end. Though I would love to hear the rest of the songs and would have preffered that double album too.
    And I don't get why so many fans where complaining about "freakshow". It is so ...funky and has funny lyrics. My girlfriend always starts dancing when we listen to it.
    (though I must say I prefer RS kinda dance like he was waving his arms and standing on one leg, I laughed so loud as I saw that live)

  26. When WMS came out, i was 16 years old, i bought the album the day it came out, it was a cassette. I remember my first listening, actually it was the first album i ever bought, i stole Disintegration, Standing on a beach, and a friend gave me the Wish album, but WMS WAS MY FIRST ONE. I must admit that i was expecting WISH part two, because i thought bands like Blur, Radiohead, Pumpkins, etc, sounded like that. I soon notice the difference and was a little bit disappointed because i was i really screw up teen and wanted something really heavy, but, i was still listening the album for the first time when i realized that it was totally different from everybody else and once again The Cure provided me with and alternative from a lot of the crap from the 90's. I felt in love with that album, Jupiter crash it's one of their best songs ever. I've always look for new and different bands and in 1996 The Cure were apart from everyone else.

    I wanted to share a little bit of my experience with that album, it is so underrated. Bloodflowers was even a better journey. I was on my way home on the bus, February 15, with my fresh CD and was scare of dying before getting to my room to listen to the album. HUGE PARANOID NERD...

  27. Salvador,

    yes! It is underrated.
    I just believe it's sometimes about where you come from (before or after Disintegration).

    I was no huge cure fan and I knew some people that told me "the cure" was making shitty music after the early 80's. I was young, I believed them (only knew 3IB,17s(loved that as a kid), Standing on the beach, and HOTD).

    In 2000 (I was about 15 years) I saw "Bloodflowers" in some newspaper advert and I thought uhh, sounds kinda ...dark...
    I don't know why. But I asked my dad to drive me to some local music store (such as do not exist anymore these days thx to the internet) and I bought a copy. I went to my brother and we started listening to it, and damn I had never ever heard something like it. Ootw blown me away already. Yeah that was it. I bought all their records, my first cure concert was the Brussels Trilogy Show, amazing eh. I bought all those bootlegs, man I left so much money in the following two years.
    Me and my Bro became huge fans and a lot of my friends were obsessed after I played the cure to them, too.

    Long text, little to say. For me it was easier to get into WMS, because it was something already done. I had no expactations. I think I can understand it was hard for some fans to come from Disintegration and then arrive on "Friday". Must have been weird. Ha.

    But my point now is: Just wait what they will do. You will like it, even if maybe not on first listen...

  28. i hate us or them, never and the promise with passion.

  29. interesting stuff, as i really like 'us & them' & would rather hear any of those 3 played live rather than 'lets go to bed'

  30. I am addicted to The Cure since April, 1986 and well, "The Only One" is included in my top 10 Best Cure songs of all time!

  31. Nice to see an article with lp tracks in the list.

    My least favorite song is Never, repetitious annoying lyrics/singing.
    My favorites as of late, Underneath the stars, it's over.
    Older songs i dislike, lets go to bed, why cant i be you, the empty world.
    Older songs i love, all cats are grey, plainsong, homesick.
    Who am i kidding i love almost every song theyve written!

  32. Not really a fan of Meathook, Gone!, Switch and The Promise drags on a bit.
    Unexpected favourites - A Few Hours After This, The Exploding Boy, Breathe, Spilt Milk.
    Let's face it though, there's been a lot more good than bad over the years! :)

  33. I don't like the end of the car..on cd or live everything else they ever made is incredible

  34. I love The Only One, Mint Car, Switch & Gone! Return & The Perfect Boy not so much... The odd thing about my love of those "pop" songs is that I've always preferred the long, slow songs (i.e. Faith, Bare, Untitled, etc.). And to whomever disliked Lovesong, bollocks!

  35. I love The Only One, Mint Car, Switch & Gone! Return & The Perfect Boy not so much... The odd thing about my love of those "pop" songs is that I've always preferred the long, slow songs (i.e. Faith, Bare, Untitled, etc.). And to whomever disliked Lovesong, bollocks!

  36. I guess "A boy I never knew" would be one of my favs, fingers crossed it will see the light of day in one form or another in the future.

  37. It doesn't look like a best of from a Cure fan but rather someone who randomly picked up Cure records and listed the tracks that stood out subjectively. By no means I would call this THE REAL best of...

    Chronologically but skipping albums containing far better tracks than The Only One... Here's Q VS Me:

    Q1. It's Not You
    ME: Three Imaginary Boys surely!
    2. In Your House
    ME: At Night or Play For Today.
    3. Doubt
    ME: All Cats Are Grey, The Drowning Man, Faith...
    4. Cold
    ME: A Strange Day
    5. The Exploding Boy
    ME: Bananafishbones
    6. Sinking
    ME: I agree.
    7. How Beautiful You Are
    ME: If Only Tonight!!!!!!!
    8. Untitled
    ME: Homesick, Disintegration
    9. A Letter to Elise
    ME: As Scared As You
    10. The Only One
    ME: Jupiter Crash, Bare
    ME: Bloodflowers
    ME: Lost, The Promise
    ME: Underneath The Stars

    Of course... It's all so very subjective but Q's list seems lazy.

  38. Album by album I would have to go
    1.3IB although Grinding Halt live is awesome
    2. M
    3. All Cats Are Grey, Funeral Party, Faith...tied
    4. Cold
    5. Lament
    6. bananafishbones
    7. Sinking
    8. The Kiss, if Only Tonight....Tied
    9. Disintegration, Prayers for Rain, Babble, Pictures of You, Last Dance....tied
    10.. To Wish Impossible things, Play, Scared as You, Twilight Garden....tied
    11. Pink Dream, Treasure, Want....tied
    12. Bloodflowers
    13. Lost, Going Nowhere...tied
    14. Hungry Ghost, It's Over, All Kinds of Stuff, NY Trip, Siren Song

  39. 1. 3IB
    2. Play for Today
    3. All Cats Are Grey
    4. One Hundred Years
    5. Lament
    6. The Exploding Boy
    7. The Kiss
    8. The Same Deep Water as You
    9. Open
    10. Want
    11. Bloodflowers
    12. Going Nowhere
    13. Underneath the Stars

  40. Replies
    1. @Entreat. You are right... But put in "Piggy in the Mirror" and we're good to go...

  41. 1. 10.15 SN/Another Day
    2. in your house/seventeen seconds
    3. the holy hour/the drowning man
    4. the figurehead/a strange day
    5. lament/the walk
    6. the top/wailing wall
    7. sinking/the blood
    8. if only tonight we could sleep/like cockatoos
    9. Last Dance/Homesick
    10. Open/end
    11. jupiter crash/want
    12. Going Nowhere/anniversary
    13. Underneath the Stars/the hungry ghost

    this list can change every now and then, ha.

  42. @Entreat. You are right... But put in "Piggy in the Mirror" and we're good to go...

  43. they must not consider Japanese Whispers as an album, because 4:13 Dream is considered their 13th album

  44. I hope we see an official release of "the boy i never knew" and "Please come home" both lovey songs.