Friday, March 9, 2012

Cure clips at

Update: Another tip from Perfect.Murder - "For those who absolutely have to see everything (yeah, me too :)), there are about 15 or so tv adverts which aired during the 90s and 00s. Go to"Recherchez sur" (right handside of screen) type in "the cure" and replace "video" by "publicite" then in the box below in "Affiner la recherche publicite" click on 'Medias et editions (30). And voila!!....short ads from French tv...........ah the good old days!" Also, this direct link might work for you.

I've already posted many of the other Cure clips from, but figured I'd collect them all in one place for those who might have missed them:
A Forest (early version), Three Imaginary Boys, Killing An Arab (Chorus - Dec. 16th, 1979)
A Forest (L'écho des bananes - May 30th, 1982)
The Figurehead (L'écho des bananes - May 30th, 1982)
Cold (L'écho des bananes - Oct. 24th, 1982)
The Hanging Garden (L'écho des bananes - Oct. 24th, 1982)
One Hundred Years (L'écho des bananes - Jan. 16th, 1983)
Play For Today (L'écho des bananes - March 20th, 1983)
Interview (Decibels - Dec. 8th, 1985)
Close To Me (Champs Elysées - April 12th, 1986)
Robert intro (Tout le monde en parle - July 12th, 2003)
Robert interview (Tout le monde en parle - July 12th, 2003)
Lullaby & interview with fans at Eurockéennes de Belfort 1995
If I've missed any, please let me know.


  1. Can someone explain WTF is up with this clip? Robert (Tout le monde en parle - July 12th, 2003) Robert walks onstage, sits down, they play a bunch of music clips while Robert looks uncomfortable and then he gets to say "Um". That's it?? WTF?

  2. Not a lot to's one of those stupid saturday night programm in France, where Robert was invited to promote Trilogy...after a long and slightly unconfortable run through the hits, there was quite an interesting conversation with Eric Cantona and the presenter on religion, with Robert saying we should ban religion for a year, and see where it would get us etc....he did look like he didn't want to be there (understandably)...just one of those "obligatory" promo tv show, nothing more.

  3. Interesting line-up for the Close To Me video: Lol at the drums (in 86...) and his roommate miming the keyboards. At least the vocals are live

  4. I think you've missed Robert (Tout le monde en parle - 12/07/2003) part 2 aka the biography->

  5. Ah, yes I did. Thanks, Nemi!

  6. Thanks PerfectMurder.
    I had only seen the Mixed Up ad at the time, none of the others!
    They miss the ad for WMS.
    In the bloodflowers ad, one can see a hand with a blue sleeve holding the bloodflower, any idea of where this comes from, what is the original picture?
    Also I rememberered an advert from 1990, it's not really The Cure but....

  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Merci! These videos are fantastic!!!!

  8. Las op Pinkpop dat er nog vijf namen bekend gemaakt gaan worden :)!!

  9. This doesnt really fit in to this conversation....... but, I remember my dad used to watch auto racing whenever he could. One day I had nothing better to do and sat down and watched the Indianapolis 500 with him. On two seperate occasions as bumper music, the TV network used closedown and fascination street. I remember it really got my blood pumping because it was only a few weeks after Disintegration was released, must've been a curehead working for ABC that year.