Monday, December 19, 2011

Bestival set is #1 on Top Live Shows 2011 list

The Cure's set at Bestival takes the #1 spot on Drowned In Sound's My Top 10 live shows of 2011 by Dom Gourlay.


  1. Eric: As I said in the now deleted Curse topic, I've had enough of your idiotic trolling. Your posts will be deleted.

  2. i just dont like that show !!!escuse me:(

  3. The Bestival release is great.They sound in many aspects as ever.
    yes,prhaphs friday I'm in love needs at least another guitar for example and now a lot of people will tell that Iam crazy but I love "end" in this concert with the keys is one of my faves.

  4. I was at both Bestival and the London Reflections show and I can honestly say I preferred the sound of Bestival. I was roughly the same distance away from the stage at both shows too. Front row Simon's side at Bestival and second row in the choir seats at the Royal ALbert Hall.

    To me, while I would love for there to be a second guitarist in the band again, I felt that the stripped down 4 piece with keys produced a clear, un-muddy sound that was perhaps missing during the last few tours.

  5. For any Aussie fans, I found a copy of the Bestival CDs at JB HiFi yesterday. $25. I hope all profits get to the right place.