Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sorrowful Putto of Prague

Update: Roger has written a song entitled 'Evensong' for the comic's soundtrack.

"The current issue of The Sorrowful Putto of Prague webcomic features a special Cure theme. The Latin title 'Disintegratio' gives a slight clue as to the inspiration for the comic.

A new page will be uploaded every Friday over the coming weeks and there will be a few Cure lyric references for people to spot and a special Cure plot twist, so Cure fans should keep their eyes peeled. Here's a direct link to the first page of the issue, and those wanting to be reminded of updates each week should sign up to the Twitter/RSS link options.

The special issue of the comic came about thanks to a Chain of Flowers appeal last year. From that post writer James Stafford found Cure fan Raluca Moldovan." (Thanks James)