Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More pre-Wish release talk

With all of the talk and discussion about 'Wish' and the early versions of the songs which debuted 20 years ago at the T&C 2 secret show, John at the On Nights Like This blog has posted a couple of press clippings from those days, which talks about a slightly different track list for the album. (Thanks John)

Update: John has also posted photos of the merchandise he bought at the 'Wish' shows.


  1. If I remember right most of those songs that were not on the final cut were released on Join the dots....One of my favorite Cure songs is The Big Hand

  2. I would be interested in knowing what they are talking about with Parry. Seems like they are counting something...
    Talking about pre-wish, I'd be interested to hear the not-final mix of the songs that were played at the press conference.

  3. i remember reading a spin review of wish before the album came out and them mentioning the big hand as being 'shimmering and dreamlike' or something like that. i was so jazzed because that was my favorite from play out (as well as from the end of picture show) and being super disappointed when it wasn't on the album...

  4. I have an 8 page spread from Sept' '92 Guitar Player magazine for the "technically slanted" (Robert's words" which I will try and scan later. It gives an insight into the making of the Wish album..

  5. This was an awesome period in my life, I cant rank Cure records, but Wish will always be one of my favorites.

    Two years out of high school, in the working force(at the mall), single, and always on the go. I bought all formats of Wish and its singles, from different countries. If I had a scanner... wow! I still have all my lit from that era, Q, Select, Vox, Melody Maker, Spin, Rolling Stone, Pulse, Guitar Player, Sounds, NME..... the list goes on, and on. I even still have the Wish displays from Musicland, and Kmart. I wish I still had all the t-shirts, i wore them till they disitegrated.

  6. Ah!, the t-shirts...


    Note to self: I must get out more...

  7. My favorite song on Wish is Edge of a deep green sea.............

  8. WISH era Cure was awesome but the album itself was nowhere near as good as many of their pevious and later albums!

  9. Interesting. As with most of their post Disintegration records, if they had dropped some of the pop songs and substituted b-sides, the record would have been better. The Big Hand in favor of Unstuck is already an improvement. However, the early versions were still much better...but the final album (Wish) sounds great. Sonically, it is superior to Disintegration.

  10. Speaking of Wish an unreleased track has surfaced. The name of the track is HK. You can download it at CURECONNECTIONS here:




  11. http://onnightslikethis.blogspot.com/2011/03/cure-edinburgh-playhouse-20-nov-92.html

    My bits for the Edinburgh Wish Show...