Saturday, January 15, 2011

'Not in Love' (Fap Fap mix)

A Heart Is A Spade has posted a Fap Fap mix of 'Not in Love'. (Thanks Lars)


  1. Ummm..Awkward.

    "I can't fap to this!"

  2. Fapping was pretty far from my mind while listening to this. As a DJ, I can honestly say that I'd never play this remix at a club or on the radio unless someone was in the booth threatening me with physical violence if I didn't do so.

    Fun fact: The term "fap" was popularized by its' frequent use in the web comic 'Sexy Losers'.

  3. This mix solves the mystery as to why we're not seeing or hearing much from Robert....

    ....He's been abducted by aliens that have a fetish for drum machines they picked up from a (musically) less advanced world.