Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remastered 'Killing An Arab' found?

As most of you know, and for whatever reason, 'Killing An Arab' was not included on the remastered 'Three Imaginary Boys' CD in 2004. But Vikk may have found the remastered version on 'The Best of The Cure' CD, which was released in 2009 by Universal Music Lebanon. Take a listen and see what you think. Is that our missing track? (Thanks Vikk)

Update: Actually, this was released in the Ukraine by Moon Records, as discovered by the excellent (Thanks JC)


  1. compered to the original track it sounds "remastered" IMHO, the "funny" think is "Killing An Arab" was not included on the remastered "Three Imaginary Boys" CD, but included in a compilation for the Middle-East :)

    Hope someone from Universal Music Lebanon could tell us

  2. That sounds like it could just be the elusive remaster. The vocal sounds clearer and the backing vocals much more distinct. I'm only listening on my crappy PC though.

    What a strange place for it to finally surface.

  3. Curious coincidence. Killing an Arab remastered version found in Lebanon.

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  5. Any chance of a FLAC version being posted?

  6. Heh.. it amuses me how kids today request pirated data on public forums. Then some wonder why the RIAA is getting the US government to pass this..

  7. Nice, but using MP3 defeats the purpose. It's sort of like finding a new high definition transfer of a film and sending out copies on VHS.

  8. heh.. your condescending tone amuses me. Get over yourself. We're all Cure fans here. I've spent so much money on The Cure's music over the years it's a bit sad. I've paid for the track multiple times already. God forbid my ears hear a single note of the song remastered lossless to do a comparison.

  9. This is actually a Ukranian release.

  10. I don't care if you're a fan or not, it is idiotic to request pirated data on a public forum. And for the record, why bother with the excuses? It doesn't matter how many times you've paid for pre-existing versions of these songs, it is still theft regardless.

    Not that I'm condemning the theft, I'm merely finding the excuses amusing. If you steal the songs you're a thief, excuses are irrelevant.

  11. @perfect.murder

    reading the note from it seems that the remastered version of KAA is coming from Universal:

    "We found this CD in the Moon Records catalogue through and rushed to contact a co-worker of Ukraininan Records we know, who made some research for us. The Ukrainian label Moon Records asked Universal for the material to make a "Best of" series of different Universal artists, and received it original as such from Universal Music Lebanon. Note the artwork is unique to this pressing. Although this compilation was originallly conceived by UML, it's unclear whether it was made commercially available also in that country. // Moon Records is the label for all The Cure Ukrainian commercial releases to date except for "Greatest hits" and the remastered, released directly by Ukrainian."

  12. Hey Everyone,
    two new uploads to check out.

    November 17th Praha Broadcast

    and Kent, got your request for the atlanta swing tour show up:

    September 6th, 1996, Lakewood Ampitheatre, Atlanta

    Enjoy, working on a few more goodies for tomorrow.

    The Cure Live!


  13. Someday, Star Trek matter duplication technology and Star Trek economics will allow everyone to have a free copy of the original master tapes. Until then, all we can hope for is a copy that retains as much of the original recording's fidelity as possible. Unfortunately, MP3 is crap--to my ears anyway. Everything is compressed to hell (in terms of frequencies, not bits), and you lose all the wonderful highs and lows of the originals. It's sad....

    Re: theft, copyright infringement is not theft, despite what the industry would have you believe. (Really. Look it up ir ask an attorney friend why they're different.) If you have to choose, you're better off shoplifting than downloading; the penalties are less severe. Me, I've spent more on Cure stuff than I've spent on cars. Well, not quite. But you get the idea. Those CDVs were effing expensive back when Record Collector and the likes of Esprit were your only sources. ;-)

  14. Hello and thanks for the link Craig!!! :o)
    A bientot.

  15. Bryan, get off your high horse. You can't even buy this song right now if you wanted to. If Universal/Robert/ANYONE cared then they'd put it up for sale. Robert seems to want to pretend the song doesn't even exist anymore.

  16. I've just found this "Best Of" CD here at UkrMedia.

    Is this the compilation album we're talking about?

  17. Yup.....that's the one...track 4 should read A Forest...."Killing in love"?is that the remastered version too :)

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  19. First off..

    It took me less than a minute to find that link.

    But even if it wasn't that easy to find the cd online, that's irrelevant. My issue is that people like Untitled, they're the type who are the reason behind many laws. Rather than keeping things on the down low, such as piracy, they go on and on about it on Myspace or Twitter or Facebook or random blogs. Then they wonder how the RIAA finds random p2p's or torrent sites.

    And usually they're also the type who don't even bother to do a search before asking. If one was to google "The Cure best of Lebanon", they'd notice that one of the first results is quite rewarding.

    So for the record..

    One can buy the cd online.

    Piracy is dandy but the tards are going to ruin the party, sooner or later.

    And it's in Roberts best interest to not re-release it in the US. IF the song got mainstream attention the US, it just wouldn't be good. That song and Siouxsie's Arabian Nights, those are two songs that a lot of people consider racist these days, regardless of the intent of the artists.

  20. "That song and Siouxsie's Arabian Nights, those are two songs that a lot of people consider racist these days, regardless of the intent of the artists."

    To use your point, i would say if people bothered to Google them up they would soon realise that these songs are NOT racist.
    And for the record it's Arabian Knights...not nights