Friday, December 31, 2010

Cure & Robert on "Best Of" lists

Update 2: 'Not in Love' is #16 in Austria's FM4 Top 50 of 2010. (Thanks Thomas)

Update: 'Disintegration Deluxe' takes the #1 spot on the Slicing Up Eyeballs Best Reissues of 2010 Poll.

'Disintegration Deluxe' is #3 on PopMatter's Best 20 Re-Issues of 2010. You can also vote for it in the Slicing Up Eyeballs Readers Poll 2010.
Robert & Crystal Castles' 'Not in Love' is #1 on Amazon's Best Dance & Electronic Music of 2010 and #15 on Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2010.
(Thanks Matthew, Greg, AndytheCurefan, and Kevin)


  1. Must have been a slow year!
    lol j/k

    Awesome to see Not in Love doing so well, what a great song!!

    On a sidenote, i just uploaded a really excellent prayer tour recording.
    i was impressed on how good this one sounded when i pulled it out of the box this morning.

    The Cure Live September 4th 1989, Denver/Greenwood Village CO, Fiddlers Green Ampitheatre *EXCELLENT*

  2. Great news for Cure, Robert and us! :D

  3. Craig...
    check out the fiction website....

    or the link...

    A new live date?????

  4. I thought they left Fiction in 2001. Are they back with the label?

  5. @Geoff

    i would say chances are the fiction site is just linked to lastfm for its tour dates, which is obviously unreliable since any user can put in concert dates on lastfm.

  6. unrelated but brilliant footage of early days a forest here...!

    bit dark but worth the bits when u can actually see stuff...

  7. and amazing what five-six years later does to a band and a song...

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  9. The 17 Seconds News. Two new songs on Myspace. Hospital Bed and Dead Eyes.