Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sydney 1981 Faith show petition to Triple J

Update (April 13th, 2011): Bumping this up for Brent and for the 30th anniversary of the release of 'Faith' this week. Come on, Triple J, play it!

Original story (Oct. 20th, 2010): "With the 30th anniversary of Faith coming up in just a few months from now, and Lol's comments recently about thinking it would be fun to do some 30th anniversary shows for the Faith album with the original line-up, I had an idea and spent 10 minutes making this petition today.

Triple J radio in Australia recorded The Cure's Sydney 1981 show, a great show and best sounding recording of the tour (I'm sure you know the version of Faith on the Charlotte Sometimes 12" b-side).

Over the years Triple J has played the odd song here and there, I made this petition to ask them to please broadcast the whole show in full, what better time to do it than for the 30th anniversary!"
(Thanks Brent)


  1. Brent, i've got the whole show if you want it.

  2. Hey Fuji,

    I have a couple of the 15 track broadcasts which are common amongst Cure fans eg. a Triple J and Canadian broadcast from the early 80's recorded back then onto cassette tape (which circulates now transferred to CD). When you say you have the whole show is that what you are refering to ?
    I also have some of the fairly short Triple J broadcasts from around 1992, 1995, 2000 and 2008, but those broadcasts have quite a few repeated songs and compiled together still misses a fair bit of the complete show.

    Some of the setlist websites list the complete setlist by what was played in the original 15 track broadcast, I don't think the whole show has ever been broadcast, for example even in the original broadcasts back from 1981 you can hear the final notes of Grinding Halt fade out just before A Forest (and the setlists websites did not list it as being played at the show so obviously they're just going by what was broadcast on radio).

    Judging by the setlist of the shows before and after Sydney (17th) I think the complete setlist should be something similar to the one below, the songs with the ???? + Grinding Halt were probably played but never broadcast.

    17th August 1981 - Capitol Theatre - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    The Holy Hour
    In Your House
    The Drowning Man ????
    10.15 Saturday Night ????
    Accuracy ????
    The Funeral Party
    Other Voices
    All Cats Are Grey
    At Night ????
    Three Imaginary Boys
    Charlotte Sometimes
    Fire In Cairo ????
    Play For Today ????
    Grinding Halt
    A Forest
    Jumping Someone Else's Train
    Another Journey By Train
    Killing An Arab

    If Triple J played this show we'd have some nice digital recordings to replace the 30 year old cassette tape recordings! ;-)

  3. Ive got 14 songs i recorded digitally when they replayed it in 2007 for the impossible music weekend. Have them in .wav or can bounce them down to mp3 if u want.

  4. Fuji,

    Are you sure you are not mistaken about the 14 track version you said you digitally recorded in 2007 ?
    The Impossible Music Festival didn't play The Cure in 2007.
    The did in 2006 but just played 6 songs, and the same in 2008.

  5. Oh dear I have to stop deleting to change minor things...
    I meant to type 2005 not 2006.

    2005 was 6 songs (The Holy Hour, M, Other Voices, Charlotte Sometimes, A Forest, Killing An Arab).
    2008 was the same.

  6. 600 signatures in the first 5 weeks, not bad.

  7. Good luck Brent and also good luck for us, a good recording from The Picture Tour would be very much desireable to listen to.