Friday, August 6, 2010

Interpolnews on Twitter

I felt bad about forcing Cure fans to keep getting Interpol updates on my @CraigatCoF Twitter account, so I've created a new one just for Interpol stuff - @Interpolnews. So if you want Interpol news via Twitter, follow me there. The other account goes back to just Cure now, with only a few off topic posts every now and then. And if you missed it before, my Interpol blog is at Public Perversions. So until The Cure gets rolling again, and they WILL, so don't lose faith in them, that's what I'll be doing.


  1. "and they WILL, so don't lose faith in them"


    thanks, craig.

  2. Looks like Craig knows something...

  3. Or he is just optimistic.

    Nothing left but faith...

  4. Don´t worry Craig.

    If not all The CURE fans likes Interpol, in my particular case it´s no bother at all to see in TL lots of Interpol news instead RS and Co. new info.

    Of course i would like to hear something new of the boys and I NEVER WILL LOSE THE FAITH on the band.

    If you have further info, c´mon Craig, gives a little hint.

    The CURE Fandom is starving to know fresh news.

    Take Care.


  5. Craig doesn't need to say anything more to convince me..

    *Drags out very well loved sofa from 'flux' era, sits down, cracks open a cider*

    *Waits paitently and welcomes anyone to join*

  6. So you're obviously saying, Craig, that the dark album is dropping before the end of the year. Obviously...NOT!! :) Don't worry, not losin' faith here!

  7. Well, I'm still holding out for an album in '12. Then it'll have been a 20 year cycle!

  8. Lia, how can you be NOT sure the album will come out in '12? I'm sure they made some kind of agreement with the Olympic Commitee :-P

  9. Thoughts of perhaps doing a Facebook account?

  10. @sofia

    i see no need for a facebook account. i like to keep my facebook pretty private with only people i know in real life. i also hate to "like" millions of things and have them all over my profile. i'm happy with the blog.

  11. @lindsey: there is a difference between friends and groups you know on facebook. you should look into it.

  12. @sofia i know. i guess it's not as bad now that no one can see all your groups automatically. but i really just feel like people are spying on every detail of my life all the time.

  13. i guess i'm just really not a big fan of facebook.

    i would delete mine in a second, thing is, i can't bring myself to.

    at college it's practically necessary. we talk about homework, studying on facebook.. if you ask someone to send you a nice old fashioned email they look at you like you're crazy. and it's just the way a lot of people from high school stay in touch.

    still though.. i really just always have the haunting suspicion that mark zuckerberg is trying to take over our lives :P

  14. I actually think its good they have taken the past year and a half off from touring. RS isn't getting any younger, and to preserve his voice he needs to rest it. 3 hour shows are no joke!

    We probably won't see a full Cure tour until 2012, which is when I expect to see the next album. They have pretty much been on a consistent 4 year cycle. 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008...with random dates and events thrown in the mix.

    RS will be what 52, 53 in 2012? How much longer can this realistically go? Will he still be playing and recording in his 60's?

    Plenty of bands are, who knows! I'm of the opinion he will never give up The Cure. He will probably be playing or doing something into his 70's, lol.

  15. They usually do summer festivals around this time, don't they?!

  16. They certainly aren't doing any this year.

  17. i just got a pair for Jimmy Kimmel. Hurry if you can and get them