Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cure FM 20 years ago tonight

Slicing Up Eyeballs has a nice article on the 20th anniversary of Cure FM tonight. A bit more info on the show can be found at Impression of Sounds.


  1. I remember hearing of this at the time, somehow - maybe via Nancy Everson's Babble mailing list? I can't help wondering if a copy of these broadcasts exists online.

    But what are the chances of a digital conversion turning up from what would HAVE to be a 20-year-old cassette recording of the original broadcasts?

    It would be ridiculously satisfying and self-indulgent to listen to that broadcast now; riding a time machine back to my 21st summer for five hours would probably unhinge me... It would be so worth it, though!

  2. Nice! If MTV was there the whole time, there would have to be more footage, right?!
    I hope more of this surfaces in the 'infamous' new Cure Doco DVD that Robert's been going on about..

  3. I have the whole night recorded on 3 tapes(sold as a "bootleg tape" at Camden Market shortly after)..always fun to listen to it every now and then..but very shambolic!

  4. Love the fact that they played De La Soul. Those Cure boys - so down with the kids.