Monday, August 23, 2010

CoS reports on Lol's Cure update

Consequence of Sound has a story about Lol's Cure news update on Part Time Punks. (Thanks Kate)

To clarify something, Lol has no news about 'In Orange'. He said he was mistaken when he was talking about that. Robert only mentioned the 'Mixed Up' remaster and the Cure at the BBC set.

Update: The Guardian is running a story about this, too. But before anyone gets too excited, please remember that this is simply a proposal made to Robert by Lol. No indication yet that this will actually happen. (Thanks Keith)

And as Lol correctly points out - "
The Guardian's headline is a little misleading! I have not asked RS to rejoin the Cure! I have my thing he has his..."


  1. Ha! Just read the article myself and was about to give the heads up!

    Seems a bit TOO ambitious, certainly for The Cure's standards..
    Interested to know how much of it is true..

    Don't get me wrong though, any news is good news.. :D

  2. I would actually bet on seeing more than that next year. Maybe even something before the end of this year, too. Just don't hold your breath or bet the house on it. : )

  3. Haha! House isn't worth very much anyways..

    A stocking filler for the festive season would be a great end to the year!

  4. You made the British papers Craig !

  5. The only news that would cause me any sort of excitement would be, "New Cure music on the way..."

  6. "I have not asked Robert Smith to rejoin The Cure..." Pretty funny.