Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NME's Greatest Guitarist Ever

Yes, another endless NME poll. Vote for Robert here. (Thanks Ed)


  1. But Porl's a much better guitarist!

  2. Wow. that poll is complete rubbish.

    I mean really? Dude from The White Stripes over Eric Clapton?

    Was this poll taken by a bunch of Idaho 7th graders?

    While I don't believe that RS is the worlds best guitarist, he blows away the top 3, and guitarists that are regarded as the worlds best are not even in the top 10.

    p.s. Where is Charo in this list? If you have never heard her play, go check her out, you will be blown away. Admittedly it is Spanish guitar, not rock but you will be humbled after you hear her.

  3. josh from the horrors?! i love them dudes, but give me a break.

  4. Hahahaha NME really has to work on who they put on these lists *grimace* yikes...

  5. Dear Craig,

    This is pretty random, and dated (June 3), but I thought it was an interesting and surprising Cure reference:

  6. In the picking style, I'd rather suggest Paco de Lucia, Segovia or Kaki King

    On the electrical one, Jeff Beck

  7. as great as robert is in his guitar ability; Porl, Johnny marr and adn as well all know hendrx are far superior. But then you get into the debate of style, etc...alot of roberts chords and melodies are very simple , just layered a lot, not that that is a bad thing. sometimes simple is better. I would much rather listen to a well put together layered composition os minimal styles that create mood and substance rather than sowing off on playing scales really quickly like van halen etc...