Thursday, July 8, 2010

Disintegration Deluxe US sales

Update 2: 964 sold in its 4th week. 12,206 total sales to date. (Thanks Friend of CoF)

Update: This week's sales figures - 1,541 sold in its 3rd week. Total sales are now 11,242. And here's how sales break down along formats - 8,268 on CD, 1,735 downloads, and 1,239 on vinyl.
Also, here are the totals for the other deluxe editions (2 disc editions only, doesn't include the single disc versions) so far:
Three Imaginary Boys (2004) - 31,622
Seventeen Seconds (2005) - 15,257
Faith (2005) - 16,103
Pornography (2005) - 21,085
The Top (2006) - 7,615
Head On The Door (2006) - 13,853
Kiss Me (2006)- 18,750.
So, as FoC says, given the lack of any real promotion at all, Disintegration is off to a pretty solid start.
(Thanks Friend of CoF)

Figures from last week - 3,001 sold in its 2nd week. Total sales are now 9,695. (Thanks Friend of CoF)


  1. Does that include downloads?If it doesn't i think it's not too bad, but like you KentButabi i have no idea...

  2. A 21 year old album made $290,850.00...not too shabby, i'd say...

  3. Yes, the total includes cd, vinyl, and downloads. The figures were described as "not painfully horrible for a deluxe re-issue". Let's just hope it's enough to make Rhino happy, so that they will stick with the program.

    3rd week figures should be out tomorrow.

  4. They (Rhino) had better not back out of it now.. not when they're so close (ish) to the end..

  5. Off topic..
    Have you heard anything about RSX collaborating with Adam Lambert??

  6. Nope. And I really don't want to. : )

  7. It spawned from the rumour mill that is known as the official site.. :p

  8. so - surprise - i just got the perfect boy cd single in the mail from amazon, apparently via ideal copy as a bonus. i had no idea i was getting another bonus item. thanks ideal copy!

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  10. So... I'd rather RSX collaborate with himself in order to get WISH remastered or DARK out.

  11. The only person Robert needs to be collaborating with is Bryan "Chuck" New aka the guy who mixed Entreat and Paris.

    Seriously, Entreat Plus sucks.

  12. Heya, Craig ~

    Do you have this one?


  13. YEAH! Entreat Plus SUCKS BIG BIG TIME!

  14. I would say those numbers are highly respectable. This is especially in light of the fact that it is not exactly cheap for the 3 CD set if it's not on sale.

    There will be at least one more sale for it, eventually, when I actually have the money to buy it. I want it, but it's just not in the cards right now. That makes me extra grateful to you fine folks who made all the extra goodies available (like the stuff from the disintegration site and so on). Thank you all.

  15. Craig - official site seems to be down.. (?)
    Any insights??

  16. Hello everybody
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  17. I would say the numbers are bullshit!

    Three Imaginary Boys outsells every other re-master so far? By twice the amount?

    these numbers seem so suspect...

    Plus it doesn't help that Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart did not have Disintegration in stock today when i went to look.

  18. You can think what you like, but those are the official numbers from Soundscan. And of course TIB has the highest numbers, it's been out the longest, thus racking up more sales over 6 years.

  19. By BS i mean they should be a lot higher, not questioning SoundScan numbers - as reported.

    Music delivery seems to be in a huge upheaval at this point in time. Brick and Mortar is unwilling to stock product. The CD was not to be found in Clearwater today.

    They assume everyone is making a digital purchase (rightly so) and they are phasing out support of the CD. This has to have an effect on the overall numbers.

    (to bad they can't count torrent downloads)

  20. Hasn't Robert been going on for ages about releasing material more in cyberspace and steering away from the 'tangible product'?
    Why doesn't he just do it??
    It would solve a few problems..

  21. I'd love to buy it, just can't find it anywhere. Other than online.

  22. Also it's worth noting that Three Imaginary Boys was also the first out, and sold significantly from anticipation. Also, it never had a prior domestic US release, so it gave people a chance to "buy it for the first time."

  23. I don't think these numbers are bad all things considered. You are asking people to double-dip at a premium price no less. Yes, the album sounds better and there are nice extras - but is that enough to make a casual fan part with their cash for an album they already own?

    It's not like jumping from VHS to Blu-ray. It's CD to CD with some added stuff.

    Add to that the lack of promotion and the bands lacking presence right now. I see these numbers as a pretty good thing.

    And yes, you have just read me re-iterate the same points everyone else has already made :P

  24. Any chance of posting what the Glove's Blue Sunshine reissue sales number is as well?

  25. Hey when does the Wish remaster come out.....ha ha ha maniacal laughter...or the DVD releases or the BBC box....