Friday, April 9, 2010


Melissa Auf der Maur really enjoyed Curiosa, and Jared Leto says 'Prayers For Rain' is the best music for flying.
(Thanks to Monghi @ and Wirebaughs)
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  1. From a Spin Interview with Chino from the Deftones:
    "Q: What direction are you going in lyrically?
    A: Well, I've been wanting to record a fantasy album like White Pony, where the lyrics are less, 'This is my life and this is what we're going through.' It helps take us away from reality. I don't like listening to people's problems -- I like music. Music has been smothered with that complaining since the early-'90s. It gets old. Instead of going to the opposite side of the spectrum and listening to Black Eyed Peas, which is just straight silly, I choose to listen to more instrumental music. I do very little singing about myself on this record. I love songs where I can totally take myself out of being human. I can sing about really odd things, and they don't necessarily have to pertain to me at all. It paints a picture. Those are the kind of lyrics I grew up with -- like the Cure. Really visual images and no storytelling." (Thanks Laurent)

  2. Dita Von Teese mentions the Cure in a tweet: "Thank goodness~doubt anyone can react to being unplugged as well as The Cure did. RT @coachella: City Council OKs extra hour for Coachella" (Thanks Vicky)

  3. "I was reading an interview with Mark Burgess of The Chameleons, and somewhere in the middle of that page you can read the following (As you probably noticed, it's in dutch... Here's a translation):

    "Q: "Strange Times" was your third album and released on Geffen. Despite the fact that it was released on a major label, the atmosphere suddenly became much darker, didn't it?

    A: The reason why our sound changed so much had to do with the fact that we were working with Dave Allen, the producer of The Cure. He was the best producer we've had since Steve Lillywhite, and Dave has really contributed a lot to the project.
    For me, it was a very important period because on a personal level it felt as if i was standing on a crossroad, as if i were shaken out of sleep to think a bit about deeper stuff in life.
    Personally i think that the pure on lyrics focused album "Strange Times" was our best record; the Tony Fletcher tracks not included, because they were as you probably know put on the shelve for a long while." (Thanks Laurent)

  4. 'Lullaby' is included in a list of whispering songs. (Thanks V)

  5. "In a recent issue of "Wolverine: Weapon X," (issue 10) Wolverine gets a girlfriend and at one point while they're having a heart to heart Wolverine's girlfriend says to him "And even if we fall madly in love and stay together forever, you would still always be second in my heart to both Morrissey and Robert Smith." (Thanks Andrew)