Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Upcoming Cure fan events

April 17th - Hispacure 6th Anniversary party in Valencia.
April 21st - Fight This Sickness in Oslo.
April 21st - Cure B-sides & Rarities party in NYC.
April 23rd - Curemania Vol. VI in Moscow.
April 23rd - The Cure Drink in Berlin.
April 24th - A Strange Night in Berlin.
(Thanks B-Flower, B., Lars, Jared, and Wilco)


  1. Nadgers!! Why oh why couldn't they have done the London ones a few weeks earlier?!??


  2. Oh no! Once again i'm going to miss the London events... :(

    Well it will just make it all the better NEXT year! Please not at Easter next time... :)

    (that's too many smileys for one comment, especially as i'm not a 12 year old - no offence to 12 year olds)

  3. Right, Explodingboy and Elise, the pressure's on. We need to organise an Aussie Curefan night!!

  4. ugh. can someone give me the info on the nyc b-sides one? not all of us have facebook...

  5. Sorry about that. Here you go:

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 7:30pm - Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 12:00am

    Location: B-Side - Avenue B (Bet. 12th/13th St.)

    Licky Oats presents the 14th Annual Cure Party at B-Side, celebrating Robert Smith's 51st birthday.

    And this time, we're ONLY playing B-Sides & rarities.

    Come by, say hi, have fun, bring friends who love the Cure!

  6. There will be a cure party in Moscow, too.

    Curemania Vol. VI, 23 of April, the link to event:

  7. View party pics from the April 2010 Berlin: "A Strange Night ✭ The Ultimate CURECONNECTIONS Meeting here!