Monday, February 8, 2010

Preview of Very Good Advice

Update 3: Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, and Pitchfork have the track posted.
(Thanks Slicing Up Eyeballs, April, and Muldfield)

Update 2:
Radio FM in Slovakia aired the song on Friday night, and that show is now available as a podcast. The song starts at the 171:28 mark. Please don't edit this podcast, cut out VGA, and post links to just the song in the comments, or offer to email it to others. Thank you for understanding. (Thanks Monghi)

Update 1: You can also hear a very brief bit of it on the Almost Alice widget. (Thanks Chris)

The official site for Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland has a short preview clip of Robert's version of Very Good Advice. I love it already. : ) (Thanks SlicingUpEyeballs)


  1. I don't like it... Maybe it's a grower.

  2. oooh I love it, can't wait to hear the whole thing!! **squee**

  3. don't mind it, don't adore it either. but i mean, the original isn't much of a "song." a nice recording while we wait for something more though.

  4. Hard to say from such a small clip but my first reaction is "shite". Damn... Then again I dislike all that Disney stuff so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it...

  5. with those 10 seconds is difficult to judge but those electronic sounds are not for my ears

  6. Wow, such negative comments based on such a short sample. I'm going to reserve my opinion until I hear the whole track.

  7. Extract as mp3?
    Yes sir!

  8. Haha, sorry about the double post. Maybe I just REALLY don't like it so I accidentally submitted twice. ;)

  9. *what Shawn said*
    looking forward to hearing the rest!

  10. hmmm... I actually really like his vocals, at the very least, from what I can hear... But I don't wanna judge from 10 seconds ha x]

  11. Robert's still working, and that is all that matters. As long as he wants to entertain, i'll enjoy it regardless. Next tour i'm flying somewhere cool to see them other than California.

  12. I hate it, as I hate everything the band has done since 1989. Every collaboration is a wasted opportunity and every 10 second sample deserves a brutal bashing.

    Just Kidding.

    Although c'mon guys. Wait until you hear the thing in its entirety.

    I think it's interesting to hear Robert singing to such stripped down music. A complete contrast to almost anything The Cure has done in 10 years. I'm very much looking forward to hearing the entire song.

  13. Here's a funny robert thought....burton should have just used the glove's entire album....thats about as mushroom tea as it gets....and with authenticity...without the hwood im not saying anything negative about the track..look forward to it....-mark :)

  14. and i get the impression that robert is just being a nice guy and contributing to a friend's project...he can't do anything wrong in my book...this is something out of the cure, etc...So excited for the dark album, whenever that arrives...about to write to wish and drink a peroni wooo ha

  15. Hasn't this album been released already? Website listed the release date as 3.2.2010, which was 2 days ago!

  16. Swifty - it's in US format MMDDYY so 2nd March

  17. I'll pass. Bring on the Dark Album, please.

  18. shite. no offense, robert, but i wish you'd learn to sing again. what's with these weird inflections and phrasing that started...oh, back in 1996 or so? ugh.

  19. hah! i think it's cute! it's the perfect song for him, really. not how i imagined it going, but i like it so far :)

  20. Somebody record? Can you reupload sample if not as I want to do another new update for youtube ;) thanks

  21. I'm desperate to hear the whole thing. Good work Monghi. Seems we may be getting it a little earlier.

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  23. I cant read it to see if online XD

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  25. Negative Nellies

    Gosh I forgot that we owe Robert... O wait thats right we don't!

    Sorry I just get so frustrated that every time Robert does something NON cure it gets sh*t on.

    For the project at hand I love it and GOOD FOR HIM waiting more from life then pleasing his fans (some rude ones at that).

    As a professional not everything I do will be what everyone loves but if its in my heart of hearts it will shine and from what I heard of this Song (and have had playing in my head) its perfectly Robert.

    Sorry again for my vent - yes you have a right to your opinion just realize he might be reading what you wrote. Its not how I'd want to show my support to someone that I think is SO very talented.

  26. Maybe I was a bit harsh but flashbacks of neg. post from other projects he has done - it just irritates me when I see it. I am off my soap box. I promise.

  27. I know I'd like to hear the entire thing before I form any opinion.


    Alice in Wonderland has been one of my all time faves, if not THE all time fave since I was a little girl.

    And, Robert Smith, well he has been my idol for 25 years now. So, ALICE + RSX = MAGIC! I am so excited to hear the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!


  29. I think I like it. It's got that creepy/dreamy/playful sound that Robert does so well. Really looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

  30. I've got four pairs of Cure socks that was mentioned from an earlier post. Here's a link to them:

    If you're interested then you can get socks, shipping and handling for 20$ thru PayPal.


  31. Johan, I want some! Email me at and I'll paypal you!

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  33. Ooh, I liked it. Whereas all the other snippets I hated. Not really surprising, that. I'm a Disney hater myself, but RS gets a pass from me, natch, because when he wants to, he has wonderful diction & timing - just what's needed for a piece like this.

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    It`s very goooood to have a champion team in your own city, i know it too.


    Great game, at the beginning the things looked very hard but the Saints proved to be an excellent tight team in all theirs lines.

    Have fun.

    All the N.O. citizens have well deserve it.


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  36. Monghi: Thank you so much! But I don't think I should post it. Could you just send a link to the whole podcast? That's probably a better option for legal reasons, and "not to piss off Robert" reasons. : )

  37. Does anyone think they could send me a full version of the song without me having to cut up a podcast?

    I have been a good boy this year :P

  38. Oh and good call Craig! You don't want to an email from Disney's legal department...

  39. Putting up the podcast link in a few.

  40. OK, Craig, could you tell us what do you think about the song ?


    I want so badddd to listen the whole track.. :(

    P.S. How was the celebration, Craid, did you party all night long ?

    It was something like a Mardi Grass ?


  41. I still like it, I feel that it's very true to the original while adding some unique Robert touches.

    You have to keep in mind that this is a cover of a very well known song from the original Disney Alice movie, not a new Cure / Robert song.

  42. FWIW I also really enjoyed the Lobster Quadrille by Franz Ferdinand which plays immediately after Robert's song. This soundtrack is going to be really great!

  43. I just listened to it, and wow, that's a bit bizarre.

  44. I like Roberts theatrical effort, hehe. =]

  45. I'm on the fence about this one. Don't dislike it but I wouldn't go mad about it either.

  46. heehee I think it's an adorable song... But I've been craving "new" songs, so I might be biased... But I like it well enough :)

  47. so i enjoyed it, for what it is.

  48. most horrific use of a theramin ( however its spelled) ever lol fucking genius

    best franz f song theyve done too..

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  50. Listened to the whole thing and while it's considerably better than the snippet it's still not for me. Not the voice or performance, really it's the music. As I mentioned before, I'm just not a Disney fan. Yeah I have 3 kids and there was no bigger torture than watching that stuff when they were little! ;-)

  51. Hate the music, don't mind the vocals. The inflictions in Robert's voice are endearing - like a Disney movie ;)

  52. oh i recorded Lobster Quadrille as well which followed immediately after a very good can cut?edit it on any basic program like garage band etc..but i think the way they mixed together was pretty cool so i left it...

  53. Didn't I ask you guys to NOT post links in here?

  54. No offers to send them via email, either.

  55. fair enough craig, then you can listen to them via streaming audio and for mac users use a program called audio hijack..there you can record the track and adjust the levels accordingly..i sm sure there is a similar program for PCs...thus we are not breaking your rules...

  56. its like the old days hearing a new song on the radio you like and taping it when it comes any case people will still buy the official release...

  57. funny how robert used to not care about bootleg so long as money doesn't change hands ah how corporate he has gotten, with the likes of Paul McCartney sting etc,,,pretty soon he will be playing private shows sponsored by Oracle, he is already heading towards that direction. he dosn't take any more chances and makes "safe music that appeals to the masses, but it ultimately backfires cause the music and writing are weak.

    since Wish the cure has become a self parody, bloodflowers was a good attempt to revive themselves and with new potential,at least the Dream Tour was great,

    Now as far as corporate robert, giving permission to sell cheap t shirts wit cure lyrics on them (which surprises me even the die hard fans buy) and those stupid. socks. at least revheron put sme creativity and effort and cou into er shirts)....

    lets not forget the suddden appearance of cure songs in commercials...

    i gt the feeling that robert these days is much like stephen king once a great writer at the top of s game and now he can write any old bull shit on a napkin and people would buy it...

    please this is my opinion i welcome intelligent commentary and not flaming, or trolls....

  58. I don't really agree that Roberts getting any more commercial, excuse me wasn't there a time 1982-3 that The Cure were releasing stupid pop song such as the Lovecats? If you look at Cure albums from 1985 onwards, there is at least single from each that were obviously used to attract the mainstream (Close to Me, Just Like Heaven, Lovesong, Friday). Funny how people forget that when looking at the present day. He/they could do a hell of a lot more to be commercial, one of two collaborations here and there for bands we don't like doesn't really do anything for sales.

    Oh and The Cure have ALWAYS been featured on tv commercials or as background music for tv programmes, the ironic thing is that these occurances seem to go down when an album is actually released.

  59. Not in a 100%, but I agree with Birdmad.

    The Cure is not the same since Wish. 1985 THDOTD, 1987 KMKMKM, 1989 Disintegration, 1992 Wish... the level of those albums (production and musically) is superb. But since then the band declined more and more. Dream 4:13 (with Porl's return) was a little better.

    @Beau, yes, it's true that every album has a single ready to be exploited commercially. But remember that even the non-commercial songs were great, and even the B-SIDES were marvelous! this doesnt happen nowadays.
    Compare Play or This Twilight Garden to the new b-sides (I can't even remember the name of one of them now!)
    I wish The Cure reaches their great past level again... really.

    * I think Disintegration will outsell all of the albums from 1996-2008.

    * I also think that The Cure needs to work on a better drum sound and probably look for a new drummer.

  60. oh sod off already. christ. blah blah blah...

  61. The song is not thaaat bad but it doesn't grow on me either :(
    I dont like the electronic percussions!

    About the drummer debate: My drummer friend told me Robert blamed Remo drumheads for the bad sound of Jason and his "cardboard box sound" and changed to Evans drumheads. But he still sounds bad! :(

    About Disintegration: judging by the sales ranking in Amazon, the sales of Disintegration Deluxe are doing really great! as we all expected ;) and it is not a bad thing to say that it will outsell the last four albums... probably altogether!

    The Cure is my favorite band anyway!

  62. As usual , a matter of opinion...i thought that most b-sides from 4.13 singles could have easily replaced some of the songs on the album...but eh who cares! Haven't listened to Alice yet so can' join the debate :(

  63. I really enjoyed the B-sides from 4:13 Dream. Then again, I thought 4:13 was their best album since Wish and was only let down by poor compression.

    I roll my eyes everytime I hear someone complaining about Jason.

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  65. Wally, what the heck? Craig said NO DOWNLOAD LINKS!

  66. of course robert has always since 1983 included some pop songs as singles but these songs were well written and stood the test f time...tell me if any of you now or in 5 years will remember or know the lyrics to sing along to "end of the world" or taking off. And unfortunately he is rehashing his own musi (alt.end, is in your house just sped up a lil bit) and the predictable lyrics such a "he said.... she said....never, always

    now i know i am going to get flamed here for voicing my opinion saying yout not a cure fan what are doing on this site etc..sorry but i am just as much a fan ,and a fan is entitled to criticize,,,i think that's what Robert needs,,,someone to keep him in check rather than kissing his ass and saying whatever he turns to s awesome..when honestly it isn't....

    again i am sorry but the cure were finished after Wish (which also had the best line up)

    s far as the corporate commercial spots featuring cure music..i highly doubt Robert needs the money, but i don"t know if he has done that to keep the concert tickets down 30€ compared to 80€ for depeche idea as he lies so much in interviews

    again what i said before bloodflowers could have been a rebirth of the cure,,,but sad wasn't (except the dream tour of course)

    and finally i find that the collaborations Robert has done with the likes of junkie xl "perfect blue sky" tweaker "truth is" the reeves gabrels and earl slick contributions...hell even the link 182 surprised me how decent it was,,,,

    i think they need a fe tearsoff to ge their hit together d rbert needs a make over!!!

    i used to would go out of my way o o see a cure concert follow the tour buses etc,,,but no more,,unless the do a "join the dots tour

  67. birdmad said it....self-parody beyond belief, few signs of keeping yourself interested or on your toes, and generally dismal taste in what works. A far cry from before Wish. Add-in Kiss-and-Rocky-horror style Porl platform soles guitar Zeppelinisms, pedestrian drumming (yes, that again), the worn-out re-cycle bank lyrics, and you have a band (or creative force) in sad, slow free-fall.

    I'm sure there'll be a swift reply to this negativity along in a minute. But the cure reads like a how-to in destruction of your own legacy. Very, very sad.

    The problem is you become an edifice, institution (at least in your own mind maybe) responsible for the upkeep of other people, business, back catalog etc....or maybe you just get so tired.

    I really hoped the cure wouldn't end badly, or fade as they have, but I never expected it to be as gruesome and savage as this. It's just 'not there'.

    As for the clip...Robert climbing into his cuddly romper suit again?

  68. i don't know if i'd describe the situation as "gruesome and savage".. that's a bit extreme.

    of course they're different than they were a few decades ago. but they're older. i think their new music is much more enjoyable than that of any other band that's been around as long. i enjoy 4:13.

    entitled to opinions, of course :)

  69. Dream 4:13 is their best album since Wish, but compared to their previous albums I felt it sloppy. The rhythmic section of the band is weak due to the drummer and his very well known lack of creativity and good deep drum sound.
    The lack of keyboards is evident too and the production/mix was the worst in Cure history. It even made them be in the list of the "loudness war" albums.
    I strongly believe the magic is still there but there are some changes to do in the lineup...

  70. difference isn't a problem...or these can be good things. Or they can turn out like this.

  71. jjosefo, the self-titled album was the winner in the bad production and mixing department, but some of the songs from said album are actually really good live.

  72. i wish the rue wold go back to the fender guitars,,,the schecter sound flat and nothing special,.
    listening to several of my bootlegs have come to realize that 1984 has some of he best bootlegs out (not just quality wise) i love the raw emotion that they played during this era and throughout 85-86. the pure emotion driven in their playing,,,,now a days you hear these same songs, not as raw but, over produced..i m surprised h ain't sed auotune yet :P

  73. I dream of a day when people will leave their rose-tinted spectacles at the door...

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  75. um,'s malarkey to say something used to be better..but if it did, what then?

    And it's moaning to complain about criticism, too, I guess? (there's a pattern developing).

    Love the 'fans' in quotations marks - can't be one if you dont appreciate every minor stomach-rumble? Crap.

    The rest? Supposition - you haven't a clue what Bob does or doesn't do. Not a baldy. Not half an iota. Trying chatting to people that know him, or have worked with him, or have roadied for him, or worked at studios where he's been (by accident, not design.) Not that it makes much odds, it's just interesting if you're curious.

    The early stuff had emotion, and worked in its own way. That's enough. There was less shite than there is now. Amongst 'fans', too.

    Just the way it is/was. Can't be helped.

  76. Ah, the bright brave new world, the ever-optimistic present.

    Platform soles, bald patches and bad make-up and all.

    It's better when you're younger, you can carry it off. And if you can't, then you need, very, very good songs.

    BTW, yup, a couple of old Jazzmasters and Bob playing properly again would help (just sold my '60 white Jazzmaster, wonder if it's subconscious disillusionment? I'd hope not)

  77. well thats the whole point ,, it makes NO odds AT ALL OTHER THAN WASTING AFRW MINUTES HOURS DAYS HOWEVER LONG ON HERE AFTER A FEW JARS LOL,.. POINTLESS IN THE EXTREME AND oops easy to crotisise rather than doin somet better yrself eh? :)

  78. So The Cure have been slowly dying since 1992? If its been happening for pretty much 20 years then whats the point in repeating it again and again? There are people that would laugh in your face and say that 'The real Cure' died in 1982 - thats the thing with the Cure, people like different eras and just because you like one era over another, doesn't make it some sort of fact that The Cure are dying or have lost any sort of artistic imputus. Who cares if you think Lovecats, LGTB and songs like that were 'good' plenty of people think that 'The Only One' or 'The Perfect Boy' were equally as good. Plenty of people were saying the same things as 'Oh, they've done mainstream' back in 1983.

    4:13 Dream was great and you know what, yes in 10 years time or so, there will be a few songs that I'll still be able to remember all the lyrics to. That is something I can't say for an album like 'The Top' or 'Three Imaginary Boys' or even most of the songs on KMKMKM. I'll admit that the production let it down but as far as musical talent, diversity and lyrical content goes, it is in my opinion their best work since Wild Mood Swings or even Wish.

  79. +oh and ,, mr falstaff putting words in me mouth that areny there.. ????

  80. It's not about pinning a date or tail on the donkey....just getting a feeling for the decline (which let's face it is betetr than pretending there's been none).

    yeah, as it happens I dont think the Cure have anywhere near as good since Pornography (or Head On the Door if you want to stretch it) though there have been highspots on and off since then (mostly off) with the odd great single (and Disintegration is good, though that whole trilogy thing doesn't wash).

    But there must be a wax build-up upw ith all that fingers-inthe-ears when someone disagrees that all is rosy in the garden....?

    It would be very odd if the cure *were* as good as they used to be, given the heights they reached early on...time takes its toll etc etc...but the fall is painful to watch, precisesly because they used to have somethign about them, precious and rare. Now it's triggered thunder sampels if you're lucky, swoons, sighs and girly gasps if you're not.

    Oh yeah, it's that bad by and large.

    Let's pray for the dark album. really pray...

    btw, no-one put words in your mouth (or anything else for that matter)

  81. i think robert sold give a go at scoring entire soundtrack album.

    @deadboycraved what makes you more of a cure fan than , i am? i'm just not afraid tell the band some songs, i think in the end they appreciated honest opinion,,maybe not at once but but eventually (happened with me once as i was friend wit one of thee former band members)and they asked what i thought about the song...i simply told them that the cure used to be trendsetters no they follow them...

  82. We all know that having a commercial success doesn't guarantee the product is good... but it sure means something.

    1. The Cure doesnt have a big hit since the Wish album

    2. The sales of albums is very low

    3. Songs from 1996-2008 aren't being used for commercial/ads

    4. Many times more than 50% of the songs in concerts are from 1979-1992

    5. How many songs are played from the "great" Bloodflowers?

    6. How many songs are played from the great Disintegration?

    So deadboycraved>, that means "they are not as good as they used to be". MHO of course ;)

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  84. jjosefo, a reworked version of 'Taking Off' was used as the theme for the cartoon 'The Dragon Hunters', and 'Coming Up' was used as the intro music of the hockey segment of the Empire Sports Report on the now-defunct Empire Sports Network. Also, 'alt.end' was used in VH1's 'Greatest Moments in Rock' special.

  85. birdmad,, ive neither stated here or there how much i am a fan or anyone else is not so dunno where you got that from ... all im saying is if you(in general non specific to anyone) are gonna critique moan or otherwise at least say something NEW not the same tired old things over and over and over again ,, its fucking boring to read , i couldNY give a toss if the rest of the world hates the cure ,, but at least if you are gonna comment on how bored you are by it all ..or upset or dissapointed or whatever,, say something FRESH

    but im sober now and bored by all this anyway :P

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  87. @deadboycraved, my options regarding te cure and their music lately has to be rehashed n order to get the point across, even then i added some new elements but for new comers the old rehash is necessarily ad if you summarily are tired of reading it then skip it,,,

  88. some of you guys really have lost your sense of humour...jeeeez

  89. Yes boring and tedious, and nothing to do with the thread.Go to your room kids!

  90. It's just a blummin' song..

    It's quite cold in Blighty by the way!


  91. I finally found the song in the podcast

    and I love it!!

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  93. it's a cover yes, of already existing song, it has a cure-ish twist to it when interpreted by uncle Bob, well, no surprise

  94. jjosefo's comment about "Many times more than 50% of the songs in concerts are from 1979-1992" gave me my face-palm of the week.

    Considering 9 out of The Cure's 13 albums were made between 1979 and 1992 I would expect that to be the case. Pay attention to the set-lists, the band have been trying to get in at least a couple of tracks from each album. Simple mathematics would tell you that, this would amount to more tracks from that "golden" 1979-1992 era would be being played more.

    That, and an old-school encore...

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  96. Andrew, while what you just said is correct, the fact of the matter is that the band HAS neglected a few of its' albums, mostly the later ones.

    'Shake Dog Shake' is the only song that the band has played from 'The Top' in over a decade, while over half it hasn't been played since 1984. 2/3 of 'Bloodflowers' hasn't been played since they did the 'Trilogy' concerts. In regard to 'Wild Mood Swings', the band pretty much plays only 'Want', with 'Club America' and 'Jupiter Crash' getting played on very rare occasions. The only songs that the band plays from the self-titled album are, for the most part, 'The End of the World' and 'alt.end', with 'Us or Them' getting put on the setlist on occasion.

    Now, with that said, the band has gotten itself into a trap. Robert has stated, on more than one occasion, that he doesn't want The Cure to become a nostalgia act, yet very little of what they play comes from after 1992, and, as stated above, it's not just because they've released only four studio albums since then. There are plenty of tracks from after 1992 that work well live, so why not dig out those songs, and put a few commonly played ones to bed for a few years?

  97. Robert plays more songs from the good o'days because he knows THEY ARE BETTER than the stuff released from 1996-2008. Is it too difficult to understand? don't do maths and look for reasons why.

    "A band is only as good as it's drummer", someone wisely said.


    Smashing Pumpkins: Corgan needs Jimmy Chamberlain. He was fired then called again. The pumpkins are a different animal with and without Chamberlain.

    R.E.M: They couldn't really deal with Bill Berry's departure. Stipe often said Bill was very important and without him all "it's different and confusing".

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Since Chad Smith joined the band the Peppers released their best albums.

    Pearl Jam: Not the same since they fired Dave Abruzzese.

    The Cure: Not the same since Boris Williams left the band.

  98. Shawn, I agree completely with what you have said (nice to be having this kind of discussion with someone who can spell!)

    I too believe the band should be more experimental with their set-lists and sometimes I cannot fathom why certain newer songs are played and not others.

    Unfortunately Robert has shot himself in the foot, leaving very little room on the set-list to play around with. I think Robert believes there are certain songs that 'have' to be played at every gig. FTEOTDGS, JLH, Fascination Street etc, etc. Once you take away the two dozen staples of every Cure gig, he is left with little opportunity to dig through the back catalog.

    I would love to see him reach into the back catalog more.

  99. First, I listened to Very Good Advice 6 times over the last week to see if it would grow on me. I wish he had a different song on the soundtrack. What’s funny is that one of the wacky keyboard parts sounds like from Roger’s solo stuff. The Disney connection makes it difficult for me to connect to it. It’s just a cover, so no real judgment on or connection to The Cure. Maybe if it’s actually in the film (and not just the soundtrack), it would put it in a better context, or if we find out Robert did this on his last acid trip.

    The following POST-1992 songs would be amazing to get live in the next tour:
    •Club America
    •This is a Lie
    •Watching Me Fall
    •There is no if…
    •Truth Goodness and Beauty
    •Going Nowhere
    •Freakshow (which sounds like a re-vamped, sped-up “The Cocktail Party” from Disc 2 of TIB, not a complaint, just a thought)
    •The Real Snow White
    •Sleep When I’m Dead
    •The Scream
    •It’s Over

    The following PRE-1993 unexpected songs would be amazing to get live in the next tour:
    •It’s Not You
    •Jumping Someone Else’s Train
    •Subway Song
    •Seventeen Seconds
    •Other Voices
    •Wailing Wall
    •The Empty World
    •Baby Screams
    •Hey You
    •Icing Sugar
    •Doing the Unstuck

    Finally, loved the last album, but looking forward to the Dark Album, the return of keyboards and hopefully experimentation that makes you question his sanity.

  100. I forgot for the second time my password :( Glad I've found it :)

  101. looks like amazon UK lowered disintegration to twelve pounds.

    i really should have ordered from the UK.. even with the price conversion and shipping it's still probably a lot cheaper.

    (okay, i just clicked proceed to checkout just out of curiosity. it actually charged me 10.20 + 3.08 shipping = like 20 dollars. why is it so much cheaper than the US copies?)

  102. Andrew, thanks. I pride myself on my grammar. :) Yeah, Robert seems to think that there are songs that "have" to be played, and those are the ones that should be put to bed. 'Fascination Street' and 'FTEotDGS' are both great songs, but they've been beat to death. '100 Years' is getting close. 'JLH' has been played slightly less frequently over the last decade, but still too much.

    Marcelle, I agree with parts of your list, but not all of it. 'JSET' wouldn't be unexpected because it's often part of their encore set. What WOULD be unexpected is if they combined it with 'Another Journey By Train' again, like they used to do in '80-'81.

    'Burn' would be awesome, but the band won't ever play it live, probably due to licensing issues or something of the sort.

    'Watching Me Fall'? I don't think that Robert is daring enough to whip out that 10+ minute marathon live again.

    'Freakshow'? Uh, no. The studio version is good, but it's a failure live. When over 3/4 of your audience, including die-hard fans, is looking quizzically at the stage and wondering what the heck is up, it's probably a good idea not to include it again in your live sets for at least a few years.

    'Other Voices' was played what, twice during the 4Tour? That might be a nice addition. 'Doubt' would be great, but it's never been played live, and I don't see that changing.

    I'm pretty sure that 'The Baby Screams' was played at least once during the last tour, and 'Doing the Unstuck' was done a couple of times, but they would be great additions on the next tour.

    There are a lot of songs that I think are underutilized, or aren't used at all, but I'll include my top 10 pre-1993, and top 5 post-1993, in chronological order, not including ones that Marcelle has already listed:

    A Short Term Effect
    The Hanging Garden
    Give Me It
    The Snakepit
    One More Time
    Shiver & Shake
    To Wish Impossible Things


    Mint Car
    Where the Birds Always Sing
    Us or Them

    With that said, some of you may disagree with me, but I was just stating my personal opinions. :)

  103. i'll list just a few of my preferences while we're at it :)

    a short term effect
    one more time
    other voices
    (a chain of flowers?? haha, i wish.)

    post '93

    mint car
    the real snow white
    actually.. i think an awful lot of bloodflowers & 4:13 songs would be great. except for freakshow, i really don't like that song.
    (@Shawn - us or them?? no thank you

    but i mean, they can play what they want. i won't lie, i absolutely adore fascination street, and also FTEOTDGS and i'd be upset if they stopped playing them, haha. although i mean, they're not DAILY necessities, but they do add a nice touch to the shows. just like heaven, too. but give them credit, they mix up their setlists an awful lot more than a lot of other bands. some bands just play their last album and that's it. and we get three hour shows. i'm not complaining.

  104. I'll throw in my top 5 while we are at it:

    1) Burn (My all-time favorite cure song. As Shawn pointed out, it's probably copyright issues stopping this baby from being played live. As much as I love The Crow, this track is too damned good to be put on any soundtrack)

    2) Before Three

    3)The Caterpillar

    4)The Promise

    5)Wendy Time (why the fuck not?)

  105. they should play more from the top...last time anything other than shake dog shake was played was dressing up in 1998 and a few times in 96,,,also piggy in the mirror,,,which is a great one...but i would love to hear the empty world and banafishbones ha!

  106. ughh not the empty world.

    i'd be thrilled with more dressing up though.

  107. also bring back playing japanese dream live again...and liek cocatoos a well as fight happy the man, holy hour, 2 late would be a great surprise..and not just added at the end of a long version of faith....and if they could pull it off harold and joe would bbe nice live.,,,,like i said they should do a bsides join the dots tour...

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. yeah i don't understand why they choose the crappiest songs from each album of the decade to play live: maybe someday...should play out of this world or bloodflowers, end of the world or alt.end. should play truth goodness beauty, going nowhere or labyrinth...porl would seem to have fun wiith labyrinth.. and even cut here would be a good one to throw in every once in a while.

    in fact they should play alot more from kiss me kiss mee kiss me. so much diverisity there

    i asked porl once at the download fetival why don't they play more obscure songs like , like ockatoos or bsides like big hand or japanese dream,,,he said that they rehearsed over 150 or more songs and those are the ones they are more familiar with and when it comes to obscure songs and bsides,,they would have to take a long time off to relearn how to play them and find the correct keyboard sequencing :P

  111. Lindsey, the studio version of 'Us or Them' may not sound particularly good, but I saw the band perform it in Cleveland in 2008, and it was very good. Oh, and I didn't include anything from '4:13 Dream' because it just came out a couple of years ago, so I don't think that any of the tracks qualify for the "neglected" category.

  112. another thing is if robert is always saying the new materialis the best he has ever written etc, he sure as hell doesn'do much for self promotion, as we see how often as many of you have sai, how often are thew new material played compared to the "oldies", i mean lets face facts here the cure sadly and inadvertabtly has turned into what they oldies band singing songs of nostaligia from the 80s, ...
    they should have bowed out gracefully after Wish tookseveral years off and totaly reinvent themselves to continue to set the trend indstead of now following them...

    maybe its time robert plagarises some books again :P for lyrical inspiration....

  113. If it comes down to people being true fans or not so, there will always be a great number of people at a Cure concert who only recognise songs like Lets go to bed or Friday Im In Love, so it would be unreasonable to expect the band to leave the FM hits at home and play only their more obscure stuff. If it means that people come along to hear those songs and perhaps hear something that inspires them to look a bit deeper into the bands work then thats a fantastic thing in my book, thats how most of us ended up here Im sure.
    It would be awesome if we could all go along to a Cure show and hear our own personal setlists, but no band is ever going to keep everyone happy and I think the boys give it a bloody good try.
    anyway, its 4 in the morning so going to stop rambling on now :p
    @b3542659 I've bitten my tongue about everyone's Robert bashing, but leave my Pearl Jam out of it or I might have to hurt you :)

  114. It's a moot point whether someone is a true fan or not....makes no certainly wont make the more recent albums any better (or worse) take the bother to sign-up and write-in tells of a certain amount of affection, even if residual. Plus, it's also nonsense because the fans have changed (hugely)...a lot of the older (earlier) fans have moved on, disillusioned,a nd haven't bothered to register their disillusion, simply closing the door and turning the lights out when they ehar the sound of 15 year old girls swooning and sighing and aching for the love-banshee that is Robert in lipstick in his heyday. In which case, he might as well be anyone hormonally suited. Ditto the angtsy, angry young male.

    The only enduring thing is the (good) songs. I take heart from the fact that time does the job of filtering out the crap (the most recent albums) and renders discussion slight,y but not almost, pointless.

    What's pointed is the Cure way-of-life, this idea of Cure-as-following, or attitude. Same with tours, making friends, yacking endlessly on a common theme. All fine and dandy if that's what people want. After all, that's what discussion boards are built on (and surrogacy).

    But spare a thought for the songs (mainly the older ones).

    Ah, the robotic voice...the's all great.

    Sorry, no it isn't. Robert (and let's be honest, the Cure is Robert just as the Experience was Hendrix, ably assisted, but even so...)..used to be able to a)Write songs, b)Play the guitar, C) Sing in a way that touched the heart and soul. All three combined were wonderful.

    But not any more, or for a long time.

    Sorry, I'm supposed to end this with a subjective, it's-my-opinion.

    Well, no it isn't. It's a demonstrable fact for all sorts of angles. But let's not go there.

    Lovecats, anyone???

  115. ...or put another way, Bob should have moved on a while ago (yes, 'should''re allowed to say it, it wont kill you), or made a determined effort to cut himself back to the root. Zany hook-ups and silly-sod remixes might keep some entertained, but like sugar, it's short-lived and no diet.

    Try banging out Siamese Twins and Figurehead at full whelp. Then anything form the last couple of albums, and see if even the whimsy and playfulness (if that's what it is) survives even half intact....or a quarter...or does it just look like noodling, posturing. Lovecats is a good yardstick too, because it takes skill and heart and soul to pull off a song like that, makes it look easy.

    That's the tragic thing - for all the recent stuff, say the past 10 years, whether light or heavy - there's usually a far better equivalent song from much earlier.

    It's the re-hashing.

    Robert's judgement? Or the people he surrounds himself with? Why does no-one say? So much is laugh-out-loud in preposterous, over-wrought, mundane...or worst of lal in recent years...plain ppppppppppppppanto-silly.

    He's behind you. Oh yes he is.

    Oh no he isn't.

  116. Shawn – I wasn’t a fan of it live when hearing bootlegs and the first couple times I heard it, but there was one night where the mix was great and the bass was up that it made a big difference. I’d like to hear it live like that again. But I hear what you’re saying – and Lament – YES!! Give me it – yes, if Porl will do the sax live like ’84. I’ve heard “Us or Them” live a few times and it was only done right once.

    The Real Snow White – Totally right about dreaming and the masses need to be served. And yes, the popular stuff got me in and the quirky stuff got me hooked. Started in ’84 when we got MTV and I saw The Catepillar video, picked up the Standing on the Beach/Staring at the Sea a couple years later and hunting for early stuff in records stores across the Northeast. And I’ve never left a Cure concert disappointed (was surprised by the end of the Vegas ’09 show, but it was understandable later). There are always some gem(s) in the set lists.

    Falstaff41 - I don’t disagree that some of the music since ’96 doesn’t give me the same feeling that I had in the 80’s and ’92 ( I was horrified when I heard “Strange Attraction” and found the scary intro ironic), but that’s partly due to my age and my increased expectations. That some older fans have moved on is not 100% a reflection on The Cure, but may just be other things in their lives took center stage (babies, bills and work). I also think the 4 year span between albums since ’92 didn’t help keep people’s attention on the band. When I would talk to people about a new album coming out after 2000, they sounded surprised they were still together and thought it was a reunion event. That said, I loved the following from 4:13 Dream (in order of love) and was not disappointed at all by any song, although wasn’t big on The Perfect Boy until I heard it live in Boston:
    1.It's Over
    2.Underneath the Stars
    3.The Scream
    4.Sleep When I'm Dead
    5.The Real Snow White
    6.The Hungry Ghost

  117. I meant I wasn’t a fan of "Freakshow" live

  118. Love the song. Now want to see the flick. Even re-read a beloved story from childhood. As they say, it's all good.

    As for the debate, not interested. The last album was a masterpiece imo. I don't care if others disagree.

    Happy Valentine's Day to Craig, V, and all other CoF lovers! May you be showered with hugs, kisses, and sentimentality!

  119. I don't think here is any copyright issue preventing the band playing Burn live, I think Bob think is not worthed (he's a crazy old man!)

  120. oh also, to whoever was saying the songs from 1996-present aren't used commercially - mint car is on playlist of songs they play regularly at marshalls/tj maxx - and i know the same list of songs is played a a bunch of other stores and restaurants as well

  121. Mint Car has popped up on a few movie soundtracks too I believe.

  122. I think it's another drummer playing on Mint Car

    Isn't it

  123. happy valentine's day you crazy kids!

  124. Yeah, it's Mark Price (who played in All About Eve) drumming on Mint Car.

  125. "When I would talk to people about a new album coming out after 2000, they sounded surprised they were still together and thought it was a reunion event."

    It is interesting how people don't say the same thing about U2. Starting with Zooropa (93), their releases have been 4 years apart.The music is always the same, but somehow they manage to be omnipresent.

  126. yeah... Not too interested in this whole debate, but I think 4:13 Dream is a really solid album, really good effort for a band over 30 years old now :)

  127. Stereogum has the full song now. I like it! I'd rather hear an album's worth of stuff like this from Robert than more of the current Cure...

  128. Oh God, this is horrible! Beyond the lousy music, Robert is still trying to hard to sound like himself; he's moaning too much. He's not relaxing his voice like he used to on "Bloodflowers" and before. This doesn't bode well if he doesn't change things.

  129. ignoring the bulk of this conversation, with regard to "very good advice" i think it's the kookiest thing they've done since "harold and joe." love it.

    i've always considered him to be a disney-phile and now he gets to go all out.

    remember folks: it's a cover. of a disney song.

  130. Marcio, seriously man, you can't compare Zooropa, sonically, with any of the two albums that U2 released afterward ... with the exception of no Line on the Horizon which is a return to the amazing form of Zooropa. If I still have a favorite band The Cure are it ... but U2's latest album wipes the floor with 4.13 Dream. Fact.

  131. And notdeadyet, whether a band have been together 30 days or years is irrelevant. Do people say, "Oh did you see Scorcese's latest? Not as good as Taxi Driver but he's been making movies for decades now so you know, it's to be expected" ... I hate to bang on about U2 ... who have released some stickers ... but their new album is amazing ... for a band over 30 years old now .... ha ha.

  132. As a U2 fan, I'd have to agree with Ronan that U2's "No Line on the Horizon" is better than "4:13 Dream" with the exception of "Underneath the Stars". It's worth nothing that U2 haven't done nearly as well with that album than the previous 2, which were much more targeted toward the mainstream and much less satisfying.

    Sadly, there's often a conflict nowadays between a popular song and a great song. I can't imagine a world in which "Love Song" reached Number 2 on the charts, but, then again, The Cure's pop singles have been awful from WMS onward. U2's pop hits have been pretty terrible with the exception of "Stuck in a Moment" and "I'll Go Crazy".

    I think both bands are being held back by a desire to be popular; this is more a problem with U2 than The Cure, but both bands' output has suffered because of a lasting hope to appeal to a mass audience. Still, Robert has taken chances U2 has refused to take recently. "Lost" is so much more respectable than "Vertigo".

    Sadly, both bands' best and last great stuff was in the very early '90s with Achtung Baby and Wish.

  133. U2 have a massive marketing machine behind them. Any fellow Brits remember when they took over the BBC for a week last year? U2 are crammed down everyone's throats right now (and on a personal note, Bono is a hypocritical turd) :P No one wants that for The Cure, right?

    Also, I believe Robert couldn't care less for The Cure being a major commercial band again. I think the 4:13 Dream 'double album' fiasco highlights that. The label wanted a single, commercial pop album which would sell well (it didn't). Robert wanted some kind of double album, which are notoriously un-commercial. Yeah, the label won out and everyone suffered because of it.

  134. I dont think people should take too much heart from this, it is what it is, a soundtrack song, it is not the cure or roberts direction just a one off song.
    I like it anyway!

  135. craig, looks like amazon now has the disintegration vinyl up for preorder here and here
    import is listed as two discs while the other is just listed as one.

  136. Also, the remaster is now only £11.98 on amazon UK, gone down from 14.99.

  137. It seems Robert is losing some people's respect.

    And I think is because of his latests very bad decisions:

    1. release WMS
    2. hire that bad and shy drummer
    3. bad albums (old b-sides are way better)
    4. bad producers
    5. silly collaborations
    6. silly Disney cover songs

  138. Robert has lost some people's respect mainly due:

    1. bad albums since 1996 (even the old B-Sides are better)

    2. bad decision hiring jason who didnt bring nothing to the table

    3. awful collaborations like the Disney one...

    4. bad decision to get rid of the keyboards

  139. Pitchfork picked up the story and Tom Breihan was considerably nicer than that bastard Ryan Dombal, but not exactly ecstatic about the track (nor am I):

  140. Ok, we have all loved The Cure, if we didn't, we wouldn't be on this site, when we started we and they were alot younger and in a great time for music, now it is all auto tune and pro tools and disposable music, is 4:13 dream better than Disintegration, No, but it it is still a good album, I dont want another Disintegration or another pornography because they have been done, lets thank The Cure for trying new things, do they always work out great? no, but if they did the same thing all the time it would just be boring, the 2004 album was just that, trying to repeat what they have done, but with uninspired lyrics, how many time can you put "she said and Owwwww" into a song? The Curiosa tour was the end of the former line up for a reason, Roger and Perry were tired of playing old songs, sadly for them, were not tired of hearing them. Jason has been bashed by "The Cure Purists" for being a horrible drummer, watch The Cure in Orange, Boris was not the Neil Peart everyone thinks he is, Jason is a fine drummer, given Roberts past, I dont think Jason would still be around if he wasn't It has strangely become popular to bash the things you love, I dont get it, people change, Robert changes, The Cure changes, you are not 17 anymore, grow with them or if you dont like them anymore, move on, just quit bitching about them, I like the Alice track by the way, It isn't like all of the rest

  141. Very Very Well Said E N T R E A T.

  142. So here i am in bed with flu when i was supposed to see DM at the RAH tonight....Gutted.ENTREAT i can only agree.

  143. Perfect Murder: Oh man, that is terrible! So sorry you had to miss the show, and hope you feel better soon.

  144. PM: You might not want to read about what happened at tonight's show. Might make you even sicker. : )

  145. yeah aaron, i noticed. and when i out of curiosity clicked "proceed to checkout" it actually charged me like ten pounds or something and shipping was also very cheap.
    i already got it from ideal copy though :P

  146. Can someone help me out...I've been listening to this song for a week on YouTube thinking it was the song Very Good Advice and it clearly isn't. So..what song is it?

    If you can't find it, just search for "Robert Smith Alice in Wonderland" in You Tube and listen to the 4 minute song...regardless, I love the song and I want to know where I can find it!

    Hit me up at if you have a copy of this song!

  147. AndrewV127, I totally agree that it's pretty disgusting the way U2 has behaved since the start of the new millennium in terms of marketing. And yet, even with such steps as taking over the BBC, the album hasn't sold that well; well but not massively, you know?

    The UK parliament or some review panel found out what any sensible person saw at the time regarding the way U2 managed to use the BBC -- that it was monopolistic and against the public interest (since the public pays for the BBC).

    At the same time, Robert has engaged in his share of commercial tendencies. They just haven't paid off. What the heck were alt.end and "Taking Off"? Again, Robert isn't as shameless, but he'd meet with greater success if the public liked these songs as much as "Beautiful Day", which I don't like but is better than either of those 2 songs.

    Anyway, I was listening to "The Loudest Sound" on my ipod, and Robert's voice is beautifully gentle on it; he's not tossing in a bunch of moans and growls; he's got to return to this singing style.

    I really enjoyed that "Ching Chang Chong"; I can't wait for the Bloodflowers rerelease, especially 'cause some moron who I lent it to, damaged the booklet. Ah, dorm life!

  148. So what is up with the Lost Flowers songs I'm reading about? What about outtakes from 4:13...has anything surfaced?

    So confused...just want the Ching
    Chang Chong song....

  149. And for what it's worth, I'm tired of reading that Jason is a bad drummer. The guy jams and I've read interviews where Robert speaks highly of him. Just listen to songs like Us or Them, Underneath the Stars, The Scream, The Promise...even The Only One is an under rated amazing set of drumming....the guy can drum and most of the new songs that I love are the songs that rock....

  150. Go on the Craig, fill me in...because my colleagues who attended the show have no what did i miss??? :)

  151. Alan Wilder joined Martin onstage to play Somebody, there were live strings on One Caress, Home, and Come Back, and Photographic was played in the encore. Nothing much. : )

  152. Cool, yes i read the setlist on the net...they had a good night! Cheers..JC

  153. One word: irrelevant. File it under "oddities" and forget about it.

  154. Andrew,

    What's the track time on your version of Ching Chang Chong? Mine runs 4:06. It ends rather abruptly, but it seems like that's by design.

    I can't for the life of me remember where I got the file.

  155. Yeah The Cure have not done anything good since 1992's Wish...I mean just listen to this demo right...NOT!!!!!

  156. Yup, Jason is a good drummer ... the sound isn't always great but the little I do know about studio production would have me point the finger at the producers on that ...

    Also, can someone tell me what that noise is in Siren Song?


  157. I must still be a Cure fan, Otherwise I dont understand why I buy albums I dont realy like :)

    The last great Cure album was Wish and about Jason: he sounds BAD in studio and live. I hate to hear his snare drum already recorded and included in the backing tapes.

    I've ordered Disintegration remastered and I pray Robert didn't mess with the drum sound of Boris or... ;)

  158. Ronan, what sound are you referring to? Porl uses an old Gibson lap steel guitar, if that is the sound you are talking about, like a slide guitar, I have noticed strange clicks in the song though

  159. Anyone else think this would fit perfectly on the Glove's Blue Sunshine? Because i definitely do.

  160. Entreat ... yeah that strange clicking ... is it mixed for 5.1 or something?

  161. Maybe i lived on Mars too long but i had never heard this......

    Love it.. taken from 1992's Wishdemos its says..i did not know there was one, but now i can't wait for the official release...

  162. There are loads of gems like that on Youtube.

    Check out Heart Attack.

    I prefer It's Over (which is pretty much the same song). The DRUMMING is better on It's Over. Yes you can re-read that as many times as you want but it isn't going to change what I just wrote.

  163. I've heard the complete song (you can find it on youtube and you can also find the complete soundtrack in the internet!): BOOOOORING!!!!!!!

    A very good advice for Mr. Smith: Just stop with making music!!!

  164. perfect.murder ...

    It's available live on The Cure Play Out - they played it in The Town and Country in 1990 in London. it was on BBC Snub TV.

    You can see it here ...

  165. Thanks Ronan, but the version i posted is quite different different and i had never actually heard it before.JC

  166. A comprehensive list should be compiled of the people that believe that WISH (a good album but certainly not one of the band's best efforts) was the Cure's last great album.

    These MUTHAFREAKING douchebags should be named, shamed and publicly ridiculed for all of eternity for being sooooooo stooooppid.

  167. Strewth! Possums! The joke almanac is back - strangely humourless this time. Bless, the dearly beloved gathered here today can't take a bit o' little ol' criticism of hs fav (is that how you spell it?) band? Nah, we can't have none of that 'ere kritikism can we? What wiv those rose-tints an all...

    Well, love, look around you...even better, listen (with your ears).

    Comprehensive list...maybe you should try going to one (comprehensive, that is). What a prat.

    You do know that cricism can come from love, dont you? You do know that. You do realise you're allowed not to fall to your knees at every Bob utterance. You's ok. IT'S OK. No, really.


  168. Yup, Swifty, that was aimed at you. Directly at you, no-one else. Feel special, do you?

    Quick, quick, to the joke book. Cut n' paste! Cut n' paste! Look, you can sub Falstaff for another word. Kewl! How kewl is that.

    Oops, nearly forgot the explanation mark!!!!!!!


    Oh, and there's caps too. Did I say caps? I surely did.


    Look ma. CAPS!

    Double strewth!!

  169. Wish was their last great studio album, they need to hire David Allen back once again.

    Having said that... Very good advice... is exactly what I'd like to hear more of.. the haunting... electric feel of Disintegration, keyboards... depth in the sound. NOt the stripped down 4 track recorder in the bedroom sound of The Cure and 4:13.

  170. I've tried everything to keep us together, my darling Falstaff... but you refuse to go to counselling. When I try to get a discussion going to talk about our problems you just clam up, sit silent and won't talk. I still love you and want you just as much but i suspect you may be impotent and having prostate problems as well.

    I miss all the fun times we once had, the intimacy we once shared (and I don't just mean the rollicking sex). You barely touch me now, and your goodnight kisses are like the little pecks you'd give your senile granny.

    I cry myself to sleep most nights. You make me feel so alone and unwanted. I am slowly dying for want of a little affection from you.

    SUICIDE is my ONLY real HOPE!!!!!

  171. ...and nary a cut n' paste in sight! Possum, what must be wrong?

    A different tac? A different tactic? A different lowest form of wit? (attrib? Up your alley?)

    'SUICIDE is my ONLY real HOPE!!!!!'

    For once, Swifty honey, you're not wrong. It's one of the few known cures for acidic bile. And a terminally misplaced affection for the Caps Lock key.