Monday, February 1, 2010

Cure vs. Smiths in Buffalo (Thanks Shawn)


  1. Terrible picture of Bob! Worse than the Galago comic effort. Looks more like Simon Lebon.

  2. Roberts aim is way-off with that punch.

    But seriously, another Cure vs Smiths? Can't they just get along?

  3. Swifty, take a look at the flyers from Transmission's past events. You'll like those. :)

    Oh, and here's other info that was included on the event page...

    "Saturday, February 6th
    Transmission Presents:
    The 7th Annual The Cure vs The Smiths Dance Party!
    @ Mohawk Place (47E Mohawk St. Buffalo, NY)
    Doors at 10:30. $5. 18+

    We will be playing nothing but your favorite Smiths and Cure songs all night long."

  4. It was a lot of fun! The DJs, Bill Page and Jason Draper, even busted out some dark stuff such as 'Siamese Twins' (I missed that), 'One Hundred Years', and 'Doubt', as well as a handful of b-sides and remixes!