Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Official site update

Robert has updated the official site with the Alice soundtrack news, word of some additional solo/collaboration tracks, talk of an exclusive iTunes album, and an update on the Dark Dream. Also, some cryptic talk of "a lot of flux" going on.

Update: Couple of articles at Slicing Up Eyeballs and Consequence of Sound. (Thanks Kate)


  1. Flux capacitor? Cure are going Back to the Future? : )

  2. flux: continuous change, passage, or movement.

    Whats going on eh?

  3. Aaron: That sounds just about right.

  4. What's this? Robert almost confirms The Cure leaving Universal?


    (Am I on the right track here?)

  5. Ah well I hope it is not the end of a member or the cure itself.

  6. so i'm watching mtv and there was just a commercial for some show on tv land called high school reunion and in between days is playing in the background.

  7. I reckon your right Andrew. This, in my eyes, is probably referring to the rumored Universal split :/

  8. Lots of flux. Not just one flux.

  9. Craig - fluxii? Or fluxes? oh dear...

  10. Well I haven't posted hear for months for a couple of reasons (so much so that I forgot my login!) BUT now some news!

    A new SOLO song by Robert for his "friend!" Mr B AND

    PArt II of the Dream sessions is taking shape!!!!!!!!

    A lot of FLUX???? Simply the split from Universal? Flux in the band? (remember "wristgate") or MTVFLUX?

    Its RobertbutnotTHERobert - I no longer use the email address I used to sign in on and so can't even get my pw emailed to me!!!

  11. everyone needs a good flux every now and then.

    @Lindsey, I watch a lot of TVLand and that commercial is on A LOT, especially at night. It annoys me because the audio engineer compressed the (flux) out of it, and then it's compressed again on the broadcast signal, rendering it slightly distorted and "off" sounding. So much that I'm sure anyone who didn't understand what I was saying could still hear what I was talking about.

  12. And the reason for being awa was that Mrs RBNTR and I have been busy establishing

    An online hosiery store. Had a hit from Crawley in mid December. I reckon it was RSX buying Simon some new PHTs for XMAS!!!

    Sorry Craig, Is this too blatant a plug for COF!

    I have genuinely missed you lot.

  13. Craig, it must be okay because you wouldnt keep inside a bad news rpeort of the cure goings on.

  14. Typical - nothing for months and then.......well still nothing really..... but hope to go with the growing dispair.

    Chanting: We want news! We want news!

  15. Maybe i misread but he talks about the 2nd part of "The Dream Sessions", is that the same as The Dark Album ?

    Or what ?

    I´m getting confuse...Must be all that sleep I missed.


    Someone could clarify this please.


  16. NEWS!!!! Oh, how I love news. And what's this, the promise of more news to come? The excitement and suspense grows, will it be good news? will it be bad news? One thing's for sure, it WILL be news.


    @notherbob and explodingboy - we should meet for dinner everynight if this is the result.

  17. craig what do you knoww?

    i'm happy with any news :)
    even bad news is better than NO news. i only think the worst when i don't hear anything

  18. GEEEEZZZZZ... I can't wait for the "more real news when the air clears"!!!!


  19. I hope 'A Boy I Never Knew' is included on part two of the dream sessions.

  20. I thought the second album was already recorded. Hopefully some of the justifiably mixed reviews had him rethink how to record and mix the album. He really should get Dave Allen back, perhaps. I can't stand all the missed opportunities on "4:13 Dream". "Hungry Ghost" was ruined by an annoying chorus and poor vocal mixing and annoying electronic drum sounds. He also sings very irritatingly -- like he's trying too hard to snarl and sound bad, especially on "The Real Snow White".

  21. so as i was reading the updated news i decided to peruse through the website since i haven' dones so in awhile (mainly cause i did not care for the corporate site) and when i came upon the biography page it was rather insulting to say that roger and perry left the band, like it was their wonder i have heard from people who has worked for and with robert that he can be a bit of a diva, like billy corgan. no wonder simon quits after nearly every album haha.

    anyway i think the cure are pretty much done..they are now relegated to nnostalgia bands like duran duran and such...although not as cheesy....they have failed miserably to keep themselves relevant with the times like depeche mode...and are afraid to take musical risks kiss me x 3 was great in its musical diversity and i dare argue their best record in terms of music. also the switch to schecter guitar leaves the cure sounding flat and like any other band one might hear ont he radio....bring back the black and white tory as well ads the gretsch and fender jazzmaster adn fender be the best live concerts i have heard recording wise were from 1984 as they sounded so raw and intense,,,,thats what hty need the same songs that they play sounds boring...
    sad to say but after 75 + cure shows that i have seen beginning with lorelei germany ro berlin 2008...i will not go out of my way to see them anymore...unless they do a join the dots tour...she should do that liek they dit witht he trilogy albums...(whichin my opinion the true trilogy was 17 seconds, faith and pornography, the second set being the top head on the door and kiss me, and the thirt disintegration wish and i suppose bloodflowers...)

    anyway thats my rant onthe subject....

  22. Oooh, this is all so mysterious!
    I await with bated breath.

  23. i don't think the cure sound outdated. their new music is perhaps not their best, but i think they've done as good a job as (if not better than) depeche mode in staying "relevant with the times." but then again, i'm really not a depeche mode fan at all.

  24. ########A BREAKING NEWS FLASH########

    "WILD MOOD SWINGS", "FLOODBLOWERS", "THE CURE", and "4:13DREAM" are brilliant albums, and anyone who disagrees simply cannot, in all good conscience, call themselves a "true" Curefan!


  25. I agree, The Cure and 4:13 Dream are much better than what I see lining Best Buy and Poser Indie College record stores. The only other great bands at the moment are The Warlocks and Interpol (both who have stated they owe so much to The Cure). The Cure are an endless fountain of youth and everytime I see them I meet people that are so full of life and fun. Like Gordon Lightfoot, Robert will keep on ticking.

  26. Namm show in Anaheim tomorrow, time to get some fluxxin sleep.

  27. So I'm Underneath the Flux with a Fluxmad Girl. I gave her some Fluxflowers and told her "If Only Tonight We Could Flux, you Fluxy Lady!"

    She said "It's a Fluxshow, and a Strange Flux. I was So Close to Flux, but now it's the Last Day of Flux." I left her there, in the Fluxing Garden, and went over to Fluxination Street on my way to the FLUXTAC airport.

    She called me and said "You don't Speak my Flux! All you had to do was say Hello, I Flux You". I just smiled, got on the plane and said "I'm a Flux Hero now".

  28. HAHAHA!!! Rev... Stop!! You're making me wet my Flux... I mean pants!!!

  29. @ birdmad2000 & Lindsey - You're on here because? Are you fans of the band named The Cure??
    I apologise, l'm confused..

  30. @notherbob

    I agree with a good bit (not all) of what Birdmad2000 says and I have been following this band since the early 80's. So are we not "true" fans in your opinion? Are you really trying to suggest that a "true" fan would not dare to constructively criticise any thing the band does or doesn't do ?

    Is this just a blog for the blindly devoted ?

    get a life and stop trying to live your's vicariously through RS

  31. I can assume form all of the smiley faces Craig keeps posting, the flux could be some fluxing great news.

    I have my suspicions also...

  32. Well... hmm. I think the "flux" is about Roger coming back for a "third round" and the band leaving Geffen. The iTunes album could be some more Prayer Tour Live stuff along with the Disintegration/Entreat remaster, maybe a whole Wembley show? I think I remember Robert mentioned something like that already some time ago?! And the second part of the "Dream Sessions" is slowly taking shape, so we're still in for a punctual 2012 release. :D
    And I have a feeling that "A boy I never knew" will never be offically featured on a "The Cure" output but will be saved for Robert's mystical solo album, if that ever comes to the light of day.

  33. Notherbob- I think Lindsey was generally positive

    I agree with you about the other one though, it's ok to have personal opinions, but that one went a bit far..

    I don't really like to comment about these things on here, but I've found myself getting a bit frustrated with some of the comments on COF lately. I stopped visiting forums because of all the negative nancies... COF seems to be heading the same way...

  34. And just to prove my point, Keith raises his head out of the sand box again with something nasty to say about someone else... Didn't altr2elise cop a serving from him yesterday??

  35. Cant wait for the "Very Good Advice" song. Wonder how it will sound..

  36. Calm down kids or you'll be deprived of Cure news till Sunday! For flux's sake!

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Why are some of you worried that the "flux" is necessarily bad news? As far as I can read in those sentences he's just saying that some/most of the stuff he's working on is still not finished or not confirmed.

    And yes, we certainly are in time for the 2012 release. I expect it in no different year :-D

  39. see the chaos that has been created..the people are revolting against each other! For heavens sake man, put them all out of their misery!
    @Birdmad and one is suggesting that you are not true fans, merely questioning your reasons for continuing to participate in discussions such as this when you yourself state that you have lost interest. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (even those who "live vicariously through Robert:) ) however as this is a blog specifically for those wanting to keep up to date with the Cure's movements, perhaps if you feel the Cure have done all they came to do, there may be a more relevant place for you to share your views.
    By the way..has anyone figured out what a FloodBlower is yet?

  40. @therealsnowwhite and expoldingboy

    the implication from notherbob was...if you don't have something positive to say, well then you shouldn't be here....well I'm sorry but that's bullshit!

    Ive earned the right through many many years of Cure record buying and concert going to have an opinion on this band, and if that opinion doesn't happen to be shared by those of you with rose colour spectacles on, i'm sorry but that's life...

    This site is the main source of somewhat regular information on the band (Thank you Craig!)and people who don't bow down to the almighty RS have as much right to post on here as anyone else.

    Also just to clarify..I never said anywhere that I'd lost interest in The Cure. I love this band but it really pisses me off when someone is leaped on for giving an opinion that is some way critical of the band. An opinion that has "some" validity...not just a troll trying to stir things up.

    As Roger said in his Disintegration memoirs...part of the problem historically internally in The Cure is that Robert is surrounded by "yes" men ..people who will not disagree with him...Roger was not a "yes" man and always questioned things. That can only be good creatively for the band...But as we all know they don't have that anymore since he is no longer in the band

  41. I am all for personal opinions, but not for personal attacks on people you don't know (you mention being leaped on by someone who doesn't share the same view.. Is that like how YOU leaped on altr2elise yesterday?). Like it or not, that's how you're coming across.

  42. @ exploding boy

    Thats a fair point and i did come across an ass yesterday, so I apologise about that.

  43. And for the record, I feel the implication from notherbob is quite the opposite- if you've ONLY got negative things to say, then why are you here?

    I've said what I wanted to say. Please- no more personal attacks on here. Otherwise it becomes what forum became, and I'll be packing my bags and not coming back.

    Life is too short... And I want to have fun.. Let's keep COF that way...

  44. Ok keith. I just wrote that last bit and saw you had already responded at the same time... Onwards :)

  45. For those of you who are curious about the "flux": Read between the lines. Too much has been said already. Those who are paying attention won't see too far from the truth.

  46. We were hoping for some romance
    All we found was more dispair
    We must talk about our problems
    We are in a state of Flux

  47. yeah, i wasn't being negative. i was trying to counter birdmad2000's opinion, actually.

    when i said "not their best," i only meant that i wouldn't put 4:13 dream up there with disintegration. but i do love it, as i love all cure music, and i listen to it often.

  48. anyway, i'm just as in love with the cure as i ever was. let's remember that i only BECAME a fan in '04 or so.

    i'm not here to argue with anybody :)
    i only wanted to say that i don't think the cure sound outdated. sorry if it came across differently.

  49. Lindsey- I think it was just a misunderstanding. It's all good.

    And it doesn't matter how long you've liked them or what your preferred albums are... 1 or 5 years is as valid as 30 in my eyes... (would I freak you out if I told you I think 4:13 is better than disintegration?? My opinion of course, and likely to change in the future)

  50. ahh yes i would freak out!

    but you're entitled to your opinion..

  51. I hereby bestow upon Lindsey the coveted title of "True" Curefan : )

    Therfore anybody that disses her from this moment onwards is a cad.

  52. A question regarding this news. What other tracks has Robert Smith put out there under his own name, rather than the Cure?

    Is this perhaps to do with the split with Universal, that perhaps it's easier legally to put out a track under his own name under the Cure?

  53. for the record, i think i completely misread the line of birdmad2000's post regarding depeche mode. i thought they were saying depeche mode had been doing a good job of staying relevant with the times whereas the cure weren't. now i'm seeing that the post probably meant that the cure AND depeche mode were sounding outdated.

    so ignore the fact that my responding post doesn't entirely make sense.

  54. Interesting and about time. The odd soundtrack song will give them a breather to do the new album properly. 

    I guess nothing is really finished till it's out. Hopefully Rob's taken some critisism on board and ditched the dogs from the albums to make it better. Perhaps it depends on whether they still owe Universal the third album or were released out that bit of their contract. If so then they would have to re record or buy the recordings from U.
    iTunes album could be anything. Being between record companies they could put a proper album and get a higher cut. This is the way they could go for a bit, release what and when they like. Perhaps low key independent album before the dark one (if that one is U) to test the waters for the future of the band. It could also just be a live thing or remix etc as iTunes exclusives can be (eg the 3 piece stuff released on iTunes of Rob Simon Jason playing old Cure etc)

  55. Flux is probably the label shakeup. The bad news to me is that the next album is "slowly" progressing. I thought it was done and simply split in two. Now, who knows. Another four-year wait?!?

  56. Flux? Is this fact or FICTION? Maybe?

  57. Wally: No, they don't owe Geffen anything now. That deal is over and done with.

  58. Dave: The songs were apparently recorded, but Robert's vocals weren't. But there could also be some rethinking about those songs. Maybe the desire to re-record them, or make some other changes now.

  59. Andrew: That's a given. Robert has already stated that publicly. : )

  60. @Lindsey - *blushes* I'm sorry, explodingboy is right, l maybe read a bit more than what was in front of me.. :p Sorry again..
    @ Swifty - haha! Thanks for making light of the situation, maybe you could demote me to 'one eyed supporter' :p Also l think the word 'cad' is very underrated and is not used often enough..

    *winks at the real snow white*

    Onwards it is, then.. :)

  61. Now, speaking hypothetically, say Robert wanted more keys but didn't actually wish to play them himself. Is it possible that he may "phone a friend" whose relationship with has suddenly improved?

    What I'm essentially saying is thus:
    The Cure have left Universal and are in the process of negotiating a new deal with somewhere else (or have already done so). Therefore they now want to re-record the Dark album (hopefully under the guidance of Dave Allen) with more keys (hopefully performed by Roger).

    All this Wink, Wink stuff is exciting but annoying. It probably isn't what I expected anyway.

  62. If any of that is happening, it's news to me.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Porl has left according to a member of MFC hmmmm

  65. if this flux results in the dark album release and a tour this year... I'm living for this. :)

  66. Andrewv127 - Wouldn't it be funny if the 'phone a friend' was indeed not Roger but Lol, hypothetically speaking, of course..

  67. I hope it isn't Porl leaving. That would suck.

  68. I do not believe 100% until I see official word on things, but just throwing it out there as what somebody says.

  69. I think Craig's "No Comment" adds credibility to Porl leaving (left already).


  70. i hope it's perry back then and not someone new.. if all this is true

  71. oh and @notherbob
    don't worry about it :)
    just a misunderstanding

  72. I have decided not to speculate about the flux. It could be good news, it could be bad news - we will find out in due course.

    The positive part of RSX's update is that he is still creating (YAY). That means we will have NEW music to either love (or hate) sometime soon.


    And as a joke only - Flux Records sounds like a great name for a new label ;)

  73. haha i doubt robert suspected his use of the word "flux" would lead to so much chatter.

    and i agree - new material = (eventual) tour :)

  74. @ Lindsey - I would love a new tour, but my bank balance is already starting to groan at the thought of it..... but don't worry, I can block out the noises from it *sticks fingers in ears - la la la la la I can't hear you* ;)

  75. does being a true fan constitue always liking everything your fav group does like little sychophants? then i suppose you love the song "never and " i don" know whats going on" One can be a fan and have criticism. and not constant ass kissing with whatever they do. It amazes me sometimes when ired the forums on here how any little thing to do with the cure (for example the cheapp cure socks from sweden) and many of the fans here go nuts over the point of being obsessive.

    i have been a fan since kiss me x3 and my firs concer was the prayer tour, and as i said before the band is pretty much done for me.. as i won't go out of my way to see them like i once did (unless of course they did a B-sides only concert)

    what boggles my mind is it seems many fans on here have no opinions of their own and just worship whatever robert does no matter if its i said i found some of his collborations better than the cure material latey (perfect blue sky was brilliant)

    @ the realsnowwhite and nothebob,,,just because i can criticize my favourite band , does that make me any less of a fan than someone who always will say everything they do is brilliant?
    and even though recently the cure's efforts have not been that great, there are still a few songs that i do enjoy (sirensong, the scream going nowhere, labyrinth, UTS down under ..for example)
    and regarding my Depeche Mode comment, i mean they at least attempt to try to experiment with new styles instead of playing it safe as the cure have been doing. No longer do the cure take risks liek they once did (Kiss me x3 faith, pornography etc)) and latley robert has been rehashing lyrics ( the he said...then the next verse seh said,,, firt a positive verse then next verse a engation, then shorus,,its become formulaic. Even many of the guitar parts if one listens closley enough are rehashed, the end lead for untitled is used in closedown, UTS i believe (have to listen to it again, tio melody from END is definatley used in UTS the do do do do transcribed in piano form) whih in some cases it works but its has become to obfvious lately...
    anyway my critique of the band, rober in particular because many on here it seems think he can do no wrong, doesn' make me any less of a fan, just a more Conscientious

    I ´´´when i mentioned about about some fans on here kissing roberts ass and thinking he can do no wrong, i didn' list any names and generalized so as to no offend anyone, so please do nto take it that way... i am just trying to clarify where i stand.

  76. Lindsey - Hmm.. if Porl has indeed left like Craig is desperately trying NOT to say, they'll need another guitarist and l wasn't going to mention Teddy (Perry) unless somebody else did..
    Roger just seems too easy and obvious as a solution to the keyboard problem. Perry kills two birds with one stone, so to speak..

  77. we've already sorted it out, thanks birdmad..

  78. So is it true Porl has left? It seems so ....

    If so, I am extremely disappointed. He brought a real edge to the live music and I loved the guitar 'effects'.

    And it is being inferred that Roger is coming back? Once again, extremely disappointing news. I am not a fan of bands with full time key board players on stage. As Robert said after the "firing" having a key player means that needless key parts are added to songs, because the key guy wants to play (understandable). Does everyone remember that just a short time ago Roger made a point if dissing pretty much everything done by the Cure? I guess maybe I have a longer memory and am less forgiving than most people here .... I always wished to Robert would have a key next to the mike for certain songs.

    Porl - thanks for the great contribution to the 4Play lineup of The Cure ... it was easily the best live playing lineup of a great band!

  79. I'm not too sure about Perry making a return. Wasn't he fired only as an excuse to bring back Porl? I would feel pretty damn insulted if I were him.

    Then again I am not him, and therefore truly know nothing of this matter.

  80. the only "innovation" that Depeche Mode have introduced in their sound is the use of guitar from the late 80s till now. wow.
    the amount of genres The Cure have covered in their career is second only to Bowie i think.

  81. I love the guitar-based cure. I think wish era was best in terms of instrument mix..

    I think there's more room for a guitarist who plays keyboards (like Perry) rather than a dedicated keyboard player.

    And I hope porl hasn't left.

    My opinion, of course.

    Birdmad- please read my above comments to Keith. They apply to you also.

  82. see, that's what scares me. i don't really see perry coming back and i also don't really see roger coming back. so then.. who's in?

  83. First one to say "I hope Jason has left too" or "Bring back Boris" gets a slap.

  84. No shit. What's with all the Jason hate on here? I just don't get it. Yes, he's a different style than Boris, but he does the back catalog more than justice enough.

    Is Reeves Gabrels feeling any better these days?

  85. Flux question... hummm... maybe he´s visited Pandora and saw the flux going through everything...

  86. I have no problem with Jason ... BUT please cut out the drum machine loops!!! Those loops ruin some songs.

  87. Rob: No one has said Roger is coming back. Same goes for Perry.

    Andrew: Perry was fired before Porl was back in the picture.

  88. nervousnervous. who's in then? nobody? ahh getting scared.

    hoping for the best :)

  89. Q explodingboy..i agree about wish..its a highly underrated album and to me their best line up!

  90. @birdmad2000 gotta agree, '92 shows are to die for, and wish is wonderful

  91. I don't really know what to make of this news (if it is even true). On the one hand there is lots of exciting new releases that could/should be arriving in the next 12 months. On the other hand the band has lost it's definitive guitarist and has no clear replacement.

    Strange times indeed.

  92. Craig:

    Thanks for the response.

    And I note you did not refute my #1 Disappointment ... I wish you would have.

    I'm going to miss that guy and his 3 mega guitar effect peddle boards ...

  93. wow where to start!
    I really hope that Porl is not leaving. I really enjoy what he brings to the Cure. I don't think Perry was ever able to fill those shoes. It was more Robert filling those shoes and Perry backing him up.
    I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever they do, it may not always be my favorite but I have enjoyed every album of theirs.
    Either way I'll be glad when the new music comes out, and it seems to be an interesting and exciting year ahead of us.
    As far as people not being able to criticize the Cure. You can say whatever you want. Just expect people not to like it when you bash The Cure on a Cure fans website.
    You don't have to love everything that Robert does. But no one wants to hear negative comments here because we're not in the band and we don't need the criticism.
    If I want to hear people whine and complain I would stay at work!!!
    I heard a comment by Billy Corgan where he was asked about the internet. He said there were some really good things about it, but lately it seems to be a place for people to go and puke.
    Sometime I can agree with that.
    When I get home I want positive energy around me as I try to forget about the soul sucking job I just left.
    As far as Depeche Mode goes I think they're a good band but the last album. umm no comment

  94. At least it should make for a very interesting Cure year. : )

    And I know I'm in the minority on this, but I hated the Wish era. Short shows, Perry still learning keyboards, and you had to put up with the Cranes as an opening act. : P

    The Swing Tour kicked the Wish tour's ass. : )

  95. Rob

    Could not agree more:
    "I really hope that Porl is not leaving. I really enjoy what he brings to the Cure. I don't think Perry was ever able to fill those shoes. It was more Robert filling those shoes and Perry backing him up."

    I guess all 'Robs' think alike?


    PS. no more wishing regarding PT, it seems ...

  96. Yeah the Wish tour didn't have very diverse setlists either. I did like the occasional triple threat guitar arrangements though!

    Swing Tour was the last backing trackless tour (save for Want, which always had a backing track).

  97. i also agree that the Wish three-guitars lineup was amazing. not sure it was the best (i never can really decide) but it was amazing.

    and i personally loved Cranes when i first heard them at a Wish concert. never been so blown away by seeing a band i have never heard before. during the years i saw them live a few times and even managed to support them with my band, twice. lovely people and a very underrated band.

  98. Marco: I liked some of their music, but could never get past Alison's voice. Just found it annoying 90% of the time. Probably unfair, but I wanted her off of the stage and more Cure.

    Swing Tour was also the first time we really got those long Cure sets, with no opening band. At least in the US.

  99. bring alan wilder as keyboard player, at least he can play drums too and other instruments,...but i think in 95 or so robert asked if he wanted to join and alan said he already worded for one dictator (martin) and did not wish to work for another...

  100. to Craig: yeah i know you either love Alison's voice or you hate it. but the music was magical. the closest any band got to sound like The Cure. the best Cure.

    but i don't think it was having a support band the reason why the Wish shows were so short, last tour they played their longest sets on a tour and they had 65DOS to open for them. i personally like having a support band, though i wasn't 100% sure about 65DoS...

  101. I can't really imagine who Robert would bring in as a replacement. Auditioning people seems almost as far fetched as bringing back Perry or any other ex-cure.

    I also wonder how long this news has been kept under-wraps as I don't believe all of this has transpired within the last few weeks.

  102. painful reading . birdmad girl2000 ...why are you here ? please ? its painful to hear your rants !! why you ranting ? painful and i disagree with every single thing you write so whatever you write i will disagree with so continue writing but just remember , one cure fan does not agree. ok ? anyway . i think the cure are fine and doing their next thing .. and the reason why the cure and dm are successful is because they are good at writing great songs ... and will always do over .. wtf ..does anyone want ? robert in another bear suit ? more good songs on the way ... dont like the last stuff ..listen to something else... FREAKS ! sorry but get a grip...... cure fan.

  103. we already discussed this. let's just leave everyone to their opinions :)

  104. oh my god..... the more the nonsense comes on here the more the cure dies.... maybe it was the US and the success... in 1986 mates of mine in a band were having a baked bean fight with robert and simon. Now everyone is giving it loads about shite they have no , honestly , NO ! idea what they are talking about. Think the cure should have been like the stranglers ( check them out on you tube dufus ) .... sorry but please. Stop the drummer , band etc chat ... most humans here have no idea about the cure ....they are small band from sussex and got DM. they fall out and make friends again... in a small county in england... ( get it ? ) please get it and stop the us of a bollox....thanx

  105. sorry craig ... was furious about stuff. shouldn't be really. Just a band after all. Passion though is important....

  106. They found Jason through auditions (sorta). Why not a guitarist?

    Porl is irreplaceable. If he has indeed departed, hopefully his contributions to the unreleased Dream sessions will remain intact.

  107. I sure hope this "flux" isn't what everybody is speculating it is....

  108. thing is though , it is amazing how important five humans around sussex way become. ( great song writers ) etc ...inn fact Genius song writers and a band ...from sussex/crawly....great band.. ! what does anyone else want from them ? oh yes they did the rock hall of fame thing.

    Sorry , painfully put but ! they are GODS ! ( cure fans simply know who they are and don't have to give it loads about opinions). Proper Cure fan = legend = has a life. (think what you like about that last phrase) xx oh , and by the way , don't like the record don't buy the music dufus... a band is a band is a band. ( aside from the cure_ :o)

  109. 65dos was magical on the 4tour, I just think that needs to be said. Also, I will be sad to see Porl leave again so soon, but lineup changes used to really keep things interesting for The Cure, so it may not be a bad thing.

  110. 65dos were brilliant . Got into a lot of their stuff . Got into Mogwai too from the cure . they brilliant (I do not speak like this in real life )...ha. nothing else to say about MUSIC at the moment so will shut up.

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. Flux is a word with several meanings. I think it applies to relationships with people and circumstances in which they find themselves due to changes in the market and marketing schemes.

    Likely or not, Roger's return would be a genuine blessing. As much as I like Jason, I believe that Boris is one of the best drummers I've ever witnessed, so yes, I'd like to see him back. As for Porl, Craig's 'no comment' pretty much tells us that Porl is no long a part of the band, so who fills his shoes?

    And what of other circumstances? Perhaps there's flux the verb and flux the noun. Maybe Robert is attempting a cleansing, who knows.

    Whatever we see happening with band, it is fab to know that the dark album is alive, if only barely, and that other projects are being contemplated. Now if somebody were to drop a hint about the possibility of a show or two, that would be glorious. Care to comment, Craig? I promise I won't bite if you do.

  113. The Cure will be up flux creek without Porl. And if Severin is joining, what does that fluxxin mean for simon?

  114. Can't play a show without a guitarist.

  115. 3 piece Cure would be cool with Robert, Simon, and Jason.

  116. I just wonder if they would be ready for that. Don't know.

  117. I am pretty fond of the heavier sound of more guitars...

  118. i mean, i don't really care how many people are there as long as they can pull it off. i'm just not a fan of backing tracks though.. and if people are leaving with no replacements it's gonna be hard to pull it off live.

  119. Surely Robert can find a good guitarist (and a good producer and a good video director, et al)?

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. I always wonder how these things go down... I guess it's really none of my business. If Porl has moved on for whatever reason, he will be missed. I felt like things were starting to build to something special.

    I loved the recent 4 piece live shows without the keyboards. It’s as if they freed themselves from bondage. BTW, I still love keyboards! I’m just not sure they are a necessary item after the recent tour, but agree with others (a few) about the drum machine loops distracting from the performance.

    After reading the Chain of Flowers comment threads for the last few years, it’s obvious that everyone has their likes a dislikes (and they don’t always seem to mesh). If I had a wish for The Cure, it would be that they continue to be more experimental (not that they haven’t been or aren’t currently). As an example, Radiohead made a radical leap from Ok Computer to Kid A / Amnesiacs.

    This is not to say I want them to sounds like Radiohead, or am I suggesting Radiohead is better. I just want to see more experimentation. How many times can you sing about love lost or strum that same cord?

  122. oh, craig. this is bad bad news.
    whatever anybody does-don't tell g that porl left. he will FREAK.

    and i feel the same way, frankly. i think he really pushes robert to do his best.


  123. if it weren't so, he would've said so already :(

    anyway goodnight everybody. i need some sleep - and i hope maybe more news were be floating around by the time i wake up :) (or at least somewhat soon)

  124. *clutches at straws* I'm choosing to believe that Craig's decision to not deny DOES NOT necessarily mean that there is any truth to this.

    Aside from speculation here, I haven't seen anything to suggest that Porl's leaving is the cause of the flux.

    I'll continue to sit on the fence until something official comes out.

  125. @woof what the hell is your deal...i merely stated my opinion and critique and did not resort to personal attacks. Saying the cure continue to write exceptional music, you must be living in some fantasy world. Again i reiterate that a fan can have an opinion and think on their own (which obviously you have failed to reach that level of development yet) and still be a fan. One does to always have to love every single thing your fav band produces.

    this being a fan site am i not entitled to my opinion not everything i say is negative, but if what woof or someone else had stated this is a fan site and they don"t want to hear anything negative. s i guess that means any rumours of porl leaving should be taken off and this website should be renamed "kissing robert smith's ass" i wonder who would be first in line..woof?

    seriously some of you on here take things so seriously especially in regards to the cure it borders on psychopathic obsession. Critiques are met wit child like tantrums on here without intelligent counter arguments.

    so according to woof i am not really a fan because i have the nerve to criticize a band i admire and have admired over several years.

    but honestly i couldn't make out much of what woof said as his statements were incoherent and lacked any sort of logical structure. But answered as best i could.

    @Rob. I am not "bashing the cure on the contrary i am merely expressing my criticism and disappointment in their last efforts, a far cry from bashing them. I realize people come here to check up on the latest cure news, as do I, i did not realize that this site was reserved fr only those who worship and idolize every little thing robert does. Honestly its a bit sad to see people pretending to be robert and living a pseudo mockery of his (or a fans perception of how he lives) instead they miss out on their own life.

    also @ rob get used to criticism, the world is not a my little pony care bear world full of butterflies that fills your ego with whatever you need and want to hear.

    i find it quite hypocritical many of you saying you do not like the negative comments ( which i haven't really said much in way f negativity only just that i find their latest efforts lacking) and that i and others should not be here with negative or as you say bad commentary. And yet all this talk of porl supposedly leaving and jason bashing as well as perry bashing...
    what do ou all have to say for yourselves abut that?

  126. *joins Elise on the fence*
    *shares a Tim Tam*

  127. *waves white flag*
    *pulls up swedish cure socks*
    *politely asks for a spot on fence*

    Craig..your silence is deafening...

  128. *welcomes snow white onto the fence*
    *envies her swedish cure socks*
    *shares Tim Tams anyway*


    *passes TimTams to Rev and TRSW*

    Cup of tea?

  130. I agree that it is all a matter of opinion and everyone has their own.Birmadgirl2010, in an earlier post your refer to the band "not taking risks anymore like on Faith Pornography and KMKMKM"..Well i don't think the first 2 had anything to do with risk,(KM maybe)...Every band has a normal progression,moods and thoughts change with age and experience.But try and do something creative for 30 yrs, at one stage this creativity will run low (or run out)and it's almost impossible not to repeat yourself, or have similar chord structure in the music...the risk they took with KM lies in it being a double album of great material, i think and it paid off, opening the door to a bigger audience...I am not a great fan of the last 2 albums, although some tracks are on par with their best, but i count myself lucky to still be able to see them live on a regular basis,and also enjoy their vast and oh sooo varied back catalogue..How many bands can you say that about??

  131. I just want decently produced Cure album again. Without weird compression/drum sound issues.

    And a drummer with some dynamic would be nice too.


  132. One word - 'flux' - has sent everyone into a spin... new Record label? Revolving door strikes again? Robert has shaved his hair off? Is he painting his front room beige?? Is it a bird? A plane?

    I doubt that it was RSX's intention to have everyone focus on that part of the message. We wanted info about upcoming releases, and we got it...

    Joining the others on the fence until something is announced officially...

  133. but Porl got all them tattoos done on his head - he might as well stay?

  134. @perfect.murder
    first of all my screen name is birdmad2000, and i appreciate you having a rational and cohesive argument. In response to what i meant by taking risks with faith and pornography, you cannot look at it just from within the realm of the cure but from the time (early 80s) and the music that was being produced then. Those albums thus were a huge risk.And yes you are right that after 30 years the tendency to repeat oneself is bound to happen, i think that's why robert needs to branch out a bit more in terms of lyrical content. maybe its time he reads more books again:P

    as far as bands that play with a great back catalog:
    New Order
    Depeche Mode
    NicK Cave
    Morrissey (when he shows up :P)
    Peter Gabriel
    Siouxsie and the Banshees
    Massive Attack
    Cocteau twins

    ok granted some of these bands are no around anymore or gave not been around as long as the cure but thy do tend to play and extensive back catalog.

    When i say i won"t go out of my way anymore like i used to to see the cure ( meaning if they happen to be playing in my city i would still go but at this point would not make a special road trip like i used to)
    they still put on a decent show and one definitely gets their money"s worth (3 hours for about a 30-40 € ticket vs 70-80 € for a 2 hour DM

    but after seeing them 75 + times since the prayer tour all the way up to the 4 tour,,i mean how many times can i hear 100 years and POY , i never thought i would get bored with such songs but i guess that time finally came...if they would play more stuff from Kiss me and the top and faith and other songs from pornography it would make things much they have done in mexico city ...

    anyway thats just what i think..

    and i still feel after all the tours i have been to the wish era was my fav was hard to choose between that and the prayer tour...but like is said wish had the best line up i think and the band seemed to be having so much fun...i will however say that my fav concert was my first one at lorelei germany bizzarre fetival..

  135. @ Rev, elise, snow white & explodingboy..
    I turn my back for one second and you steal my Tim Tams and sit on my fence?? Now move over and gimme one of those things!!

  136. @Notherbob - I may have squattered on your fence, but I definitely BYO'd my own TimTams..... would you like a cuppa coffee with that? can anyone say TimTamSlam?

  137. @ The Big Ginge - TimTams are an Aussie biscuit.... they are extremely delicious and highly sought by my US cure friends.

    I think you can get them in the UK every now and them.

    You do have a similar biscuit, but I can't remember what it is called.

  138. This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. The Penguin!

  140. Yes! That name popped into my head, but I didn't think it was right.

    I've never tried a Penguin, so I am not sure whether they taste similar or not.

  141. *gasps in horror*
    How does someone exist in a world without Tim Tams? Are you in some sort of space flux continuum?
    All those in favour of starting a get the big ginge a tim tam fund....

  142. @Snow White - Where in Oz are you?

  143. @elise..a little bird tells me not too far from you :)

  144. @ the real snow white - Do you like Chili Mussels??

  145. not sure what you mean notherbob. I like Tim Tams though :)

  146. @ Snow White - I'm thinking that we should have met on Wednesday night ;)

  147. Penguin bars are horrible. They are famous for their crappy jokes on the back of the packaging.

  148. LOL - it was your profile pic that gave you away..... I thought I had seen you before.

  149. @elise - Looks like another catch up is in order, then.. :p

  150. *mental note to read Penguin packets when in UK*
    Hope it is a good reputation that precedes me...:)

  151. The Cure are not perfect.
    Don't expect them to be and criticize them when they are not.
    Opinions are fine but when you say something like
    "anyway i think the cure are pretty much done..they are now relegated to nnostalgia bands like duran duran and such"
    you open yourself to opinions from Cure Fans who don't share your opinion.
    It's hypocritical to criticize someone then get mad when someone criticizes you.
    you opened the door, so you can only blame yourself.
    Also I never addressed you specifically as being negative. So it's funny that you assumed that i was addressing you.
    Also to clear your confusion,I like Perry. But I like Porl more as a guitarist.
    Either way sorry to everyone I wish I could just ignore stuff like this.

    I just am really glad that Robert is still making music. Whether it's his best and most creative music he's ever made matters very little to me. Because there isn't a Cure song I don't like. I can say the same for Interpol and The Killers.
    I dread the day that Robert and company decide that it's just not worth it anymore. A band like them does not come around that often. I choose to appreciate them and what they do.
    Sorry if that makes me "a little sychophants"

  152. @notherbob and snow white - yep, we definitely need another catch up. When you get back from your adventure, we will set a date and you can share all your UK stories.

  153. sounds great. would love to hear your stories also:)

  154. I suspect that Exploding Boy and I overwhelmed notherbob on Wed with stories.... oops

  155. Not at all elise :) It was great!!
    And then there were four.. bring on March for a Disintergration listening party! Tell explodingboy to rally the other perthites..

  156. Will do.... I'm excited! We'll formulate a plan ;)

  157. @ rob...i never got upset that someone criticized me or my opinion just when they did so without any valid reason or argument such as saying your are wrong blah blah...if someone had a cohesive counter argument i am all for that. as for singling you out perhaps i simply made a mistake, it happens...but it ink many peeps on here take themselves way too seriously and hold the cure as like a religious icon in which no one is allowed to say anything but praises for them. When i criticize their latest efforts its really out of respect because i know robert has it in him to do much better and i think many bands appreciate honest criticism rather than constant yes men...even if they don"t admit it at first... (see the difference as roger put it with dave allen and chris perry keeping robert in check vs now)

  158. I think the most important instrument on the cure is robert's voice...

    Songs like 'perfect blue sky' prove that they could get away with something electronic and minimalist and we'd love it.

    Having said that (and as I said before) I think wish era was the ideal cure... 3 guitarists, 2 of whom could jump on keyboards...

    and having said that, I think 4 tour was the best I've ever seen them live...

    I'm a massive DM fan also, but I have to say I didn't enjoy the last album, it doesn't stand up to repeated listening. Score 1 to 4:13 there, which does.

    And having said that, DM win in terms of record label and management support, remasters content (5.1 mixes and vids), and website.

    And having said that, the cure are the best band in the universe... If not only for the reason that I love them so much and for so long...

    And having said that, I've said enough...

  159. @birdmad2000...sorry i mispelt your name...maybe time to change it though, it's so last decade :)

  160. Thinking about it, Porl's leaving good be a blessing depending on what direction Robert wants to band to take.

    Porl has always been really great at adding a bit of a rock'n roll edge which Robert has been trying to reintroduce with the last two albums. Porl's presence would have been really valuable if he had been around for the self-titled album.

    But now he is gone I believe Robert should definitely move away from trying to produce that "live" sound he has wanted for the last 8 years. Moving back into that layered, textured wonderfulness of Disintegration or Faith would be the way to go I think.

  161. @AndrewV127 - couldn't have put it any better if I tried.. :)

    *waves at explodingboy*

  162. An Irish pub on St Pattie's would be a fun environment for Disintergration and flux.

  163. Andrew. Seems like we're on the same page. I think that any replacement for Porl has some really big shoes to fill (literally).

    Porl is such a unique guitarist that there are very few guitarists out there who could approach his contributions to the Cure.

    The Cure really upped the ante with the live performance on the last tour.

    So, it almost begs a necessity to break the whole thing down and start over.

    Severin has been doing his music for silents using his laptop.

    What if he brought his laptop on tour with the Cure? Not as an opening band, but...

    It would:

    a) Replace the need for all the backing tapes.

    b) Provide synths/strings/whateversoundpeoplewanttocomplainaboutmissingfromtheswingingpiggyinthemirrorversionofbirdmadgirltheyplayedinbournemouthlastweek

    Just wild guesses at this point. But, I feel that for a Porl-less cure to take the stage at this point, anything short of a drastic reimagining of the live sound would be a disappointment to those who saw the 4Tour.

  164. Anyone else think this is a good time to start drawing up a list of replacements?

    Reeves Gabriel and Steve Severin are the first names that spring to mind (as many others have pointed out).

    I can't imagine Robert wanting to audition people at this stage in the game so I'll put money on someone from his phonebook being called in.

  165. Andrewv127 & S: unless I missed something major along the way we don't actually know that porl is no longer in the band... This has happened before, Internet rumours which had no basis... I'll believe it only if I hear it officially.

    Notherbob: hey!

  166. @explodingboy. Believe me, I would rather Porl not leave.

  167. Re-reading robert's actual message:


    infers that the 'flux' is nothing of importance, it's not 'real news' and he'll come back with some 'real news' later ...

  168. Craig: Are you able to confirm that Porl has left the band?
    I know you said 'no comment' to the speculation last night but considering the information hasn't come from you and you obviously know something more detailed...are you able to give us anymore info?

    As for replacements: Where has the Severin rumour come from? :s I just think we should have Perry back if Porl has gone.
    If they get someone 'new' and outside of the Cure family then I think it will have to be someone from another band, even a contempory such as Johnny Marr (not saying he should but someone of that calibre anyways) as I can't see another unknown character such as Jason was in 1995, entering the band.

  169. There is no Severin rumour. Beau. Just us throwing around names for replacements if Porl has in fact left the band.

  170. I love Reeves Gabrels. But if he joins (which I doubt) The Cure would not be going away from it's "newfound" rock roots back to the layeredness of Disintegration.
    No way. Reeves is one hell of a skilled guitarist and would rock the house too.

    Don't want to add oil to the fire, but in the case of Woof against Birdmad, even though I believe The Cure to still be a worthwhile band, I have to take side with Birdmad.
    I'd rather have someone criticising the group in a coherent manner then the ravings of a lunatic fanboy!
    Seriously Woof, takes some yoga lessons; this is just the internet, after all, not "real" life.

  171. I would not know where to stand at a cure concert if porl was not there!!! i would have to fight for the middle and be in front of RSx then i guess...

    i would be so dissapointed if porl left...u have no idea

    bc PORL IS THE SHIZ!!!!!

  172. "a lot of flux" going on. Wonder what that could mean?

    It means, "You're not going to see any of this stuff until 2012 at the very earliest"

  173. Andrew: Ah fair enough. I got confused because someone mentioned Severin yesterday and wondered where that would leave Simon.
    I didn't realise that Severin had other projects going on, in fact I thought he'd stopped music altogeher after he sold his gear from SATB a year or two back :/

  174. And as for 'split' with TMU...

    TMU posted the latest news on official site

    TMU posted here also:

    Geffen / TMU logos & acknowledgemnts on offical site

    seems strange to have TMU posting this if they're no longer attched.. could this be another Internet rumour??

    (I wouldn't mind if they did find a label who cared about..)

  175. whenever their website is updated, it automatically updates under the cure's other pages within the record label, i think.

    i too have wondered why they continue to have a universal/geffen website after the split, but i suppose that will change at some point.

  176. oh BOO HOO!
    no more wahwah and distortion.

    this would be the best cure news in the past 4 years.

    don't let the door hit ya in the ass baldy!!

  177. PLEASE get rid of jason!



  178. stuart braithwaite of mogwai is discussing the cure on his twitter

    "The Cure on the Disintegration tour. Glasgow Secc 1989 #firstgig"
    "@hairyhatfield the new expanded edition has the whole album form that show as an extra disc!"
    "setlist from my #firstgig"
    "@sumlin i was at that one too! Carter were huge and there were loads of folk dressed like them and Robert Smith of course."

    all within the last few hours.

  179. Brad: I can assure you that the Geffen split is NOT an internet rumor. And despite what has been reported elsewhere, they were NOT dropped by the label.

    Beau: I really wish I could say more, but I'm in a tough spot with this one. I swear I am not trying to be all mysterious and cryptic, just respectful. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. There are reasons why (ha!) I don't want to say anything. As I said, mostly out of respect for everyone involved. There were many times in the past where I would recklessly post something without thinking, and find out later that it had caused problems and hurt other people. People I genuinely care about.

    I will say that this isn't a recent development, and I have no idea what might have happened more recently. Simon quits after every tour, yet always comes back for more. And thank goodness for that. : )

    As Robert said, there's a lot of flux right now, and he'll address it when the air clears.


    Craig, I think in the future you have to own up 100% or 0%. Perhaps leading people to speculate may cause more harm/problems in the long run.

    People are already saying hurtful/insulting things about various members/lineups etc. I think anyone who's played in the band in the past 10 years has reason to be upset at some of the comments here.

    However, the lack of news that's come from the band in recent months is discouraging as well.

    Bottom line. Someone's always going to be upset. Isn't that what the internet is all about?

  181. okay if indeed Porl is leaving and they need to get a new guitarist I would be fine with Perry. I did really enjoy the albums he was lead on like WMS, and Bloodflowers.
    However I would really miss the edge that Porl brought to the band. Especially on songs such is Cut, and FTEOTDGS.
    I would also be okay with an established guitarist such as John Frusciante(from the chili peppers and fan of the cure)or Reeves Gabriel. You never know what you may find with tryouts. Look at the Smashing Pumpkins new drummer, a complete phenom.
    Only time will tell

  182. i think robert has quit the cure and is starting a new band called BELZAR AND THE FROG TWINS. they'll play mostly mariachi music with some russian beats and obscure lyrics based on the poetry of ragal donati.

    good stuff! can't wait.