Tuesday, December 8, 2009


"My favourite Cure song and favourite song ever, Plainsong, was used in a BBC documentary about the 1989 Czechoslovakian revolution." (Thanks James)

"Tonight (11/27) on France Inter, in the program 'La Vie Comme Si', the whole program was about cats (in mythology, literature, etc...), and they played 'the lovecats'." (Thanks Fabien G)

"Local newspaper mag In This Week has a holiday blu-ray gift guide in which Trilogy is highly recommended." (Thanks Heron)

Kiss Me (remastered) was a pick of the week. (Thanks Kate)

Some Cure mentions in reviews of the new The Bravery album, and another in an article about the Russian band Manicure. (Thanks Kate)

The Vault: An Exploration of the Gothic. (Thanks Kate)

Rob Edmonds talks about his Caterpillar poster. (Thanks Kate)

"In the video 'Girls: Lust For Life' (Warning: NSFW!), the guitarist is wearing a Cure T-Shirt." (Thanks McIntosh)


  1. i coulda done without seeing the girls: lust for life video.

  2. mmmm...really?