Monday, November 16, 2009


"I just uploaded this old video clip. Came across it while watching an old tape of "120 Minutes" that someone converted to DVD for me. It's basically a TV commercial for "Wish" that ran on MTV a couple days before the record came out."
(Thanks Slicing Up Eyeballs and Erika)

"The Swedish band Katatonia mentions the Cure as one of their major influences in a clip, where they talk about their new album." (Thanks Tobias and eboa)

"Ror-Shak doing a version of a Forest for Fringe." (Thanks Dodge)

"Today I was watching a news show (called "Revu et corrigé") on French TV channel France 5 and they used A Chain of Flowers as background music for an interview about French actor Gerard Darmon who is releasing his first album." (Thanks Sylvain)

"This cap is advertised on a french site( similar to ebay)...and it says "Very rare, The Cure limited edition cap of 100, one of them specially made for the singer".. (Hmm, could be wrong but somehow i don't see RS with that one on!!). Also last friday(30th Oct) on a tv quizz show on BBC called Mastermind where contestants are asked questions on specialised subjects of their choice, one of the question was -"Who is the lead singer of the band The Cure?" and obviously the contestant got the answer right..." (Thanks JC)

"I was at the Get Up Kids show last night at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and they played "Close to me" at the beginning of their encore." (Thanks Nexy)

"This is the review of a new book, a biography of the italian football player Daniele De Rossi. It name-drops The Cure (Push in particular), Sex Pistols and Joy Division, probably to add some "depth" to the story." (Thanks Pietro)

"One of my best friends is the guitarist for the band Daughtry. I know, I know... obviously not my favorite music either. Anyway, he did an interview with a student from the University of Kansas and mentioned the Cure as one of his influences. I got him into The Cure when we were roommates and in a band together about ten years ago. Anyway, I thought it was cool to see that there is some Cure influence even in the American Idol machine."
(Thanks Muir)


  1. oh god i remember that 120 minutes clip! wonderful to see and remember!

  2. More Curespotting

    and I heartily agree with the author when she says "holy f**k that’s the way to start a record"