Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Channel 5 uses Lovecats to promote The Aristocats.
(Thanks Chris)

"Yesterday I saw a commercial on a dutch tv channel sbs6, for the show House. The episode had a lot of cats in it, and they used Lovecats in it." (Thanks Elly)

Lovesong is #2 on a list of Top 10 Songs of 1989. (Thanks Aaron)

"Comedian Jimmy Carr posted a picture of fellow comic Dara O'Briain dressed as RS for Halloween on Twitter."
(Thanks Stigmurder)

Cure comparisons in reviews of Tegan & Sara and Wesley Eisold. (Thanks Kate)

"Shakira mentioned The Cure in Rolling Stone Issue 1091: "I am such a huge fan of Bob Marley, the Cure, and AC/DC, and when I heard about this legendary studio where all of them recorded, I knew I had to be there, " says Shakira. "This place is the main reason I settled in the Bahamas". She's referring to Compass Point Studios, where some of KMKMKM was mixed in late 1986 with Dave Allen and Sean Burrows." (Thanks Strange_Daze)
Update: She also mentions them in Time magazine. (Thanks Jarbee)

Art Nouveau Robert Smith. (Thanks Louisa)


  1. Shakira name-drops The Cure as an early influence in this week's Time Magazine:http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1933193,00.html

  2. Well, I'd never have had Shakira down as a Cure fan.

  3. Weren't the BeeGees big Cure fans also? I think I read that somewhere years ago.

  4. More Curespotting - BoingBoing picks up on the PS22 sings The Cure video


  5. Ror-Shak doing a version of a Forest for Fringe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEe_IAeWIeg

    Watched episode 18 last night - also had She Wants Revenge and Bauhaus