Friday, September 25, 2009


Mashup - Cure vs. Lil Wayne (Thanks Stephen)
Brad and Angie buy Miraval Studio. (Thanks April)
Clove cigs are banned, will The Cure breakup? : ) (Thanks Jeff)
Porcupine Robert. (Thanks Kate)
The Quietus says, "But even from the beginning it’s clear that this is no 4:13 Dream or No Line On The Horizon where a multitude of sins are hidden by loudness", in a Flaming Lips review. (Thanks Kate)

"Yesterday in ORF2 TV-Channel (Austria) programme called "Kulturmontag" the new documentary "PLASTIC PLANET" of filmmaker Werner Boote was reported. For quite a long time they played The Cure's "PLASTIC PASSION" in the background..." (Thanks Thomas)

"Watching TLC & saw a preview for two new shows Say Yes to Perfection and Wed that Dress (I think???). Anyway Friday I'm in love was playing in the background...lyrics and all!" (Thanks Jen)


  1. Oooh, lots of spottings! Thanks, Craig!

  2. Does Robert smoke? I didn't know that for real.
    Great spots!

  3. Are clove cigarettes really banned!?!?!?

  4. paul, all flavored cigarettes besides menthol are banned

  5. this is just ridiculous!!
    thought it was a joke at first!!!!!!

  6. 1. I would never listen to anything remotely related to little wayne

    2. the cure will not break up

    3. clove cigs - can any human actually smoke a whole one?

    4. U2's new one is no comparison to 4:13 - two different levels there

  7. KentButabi,

    re: #3: yes and several.

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