Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Last Weekend on Virgin 17, there were 2 cure mentions in 2 documentaries: The first one was called "The hidden side of the 80's" and had a 10 sec. snippet of Killing an arab live in Paris in 1979. The second one was "the Punk heritage": it showed a short extract of the Other Voices video, and introduced the Cure as part of the post-punk bands that emerged in the late 70's, along with Joy division and Siouxsie and the Banshees."
(Thanks Sylvain)

"I was on Youtube today and I somehow stumbled across this video. It seems to be an awful MTV commercial with someone in a Robert Smith mask." (Thanks Emily)

"Houston Press' Rocks Off blog mentions The Cure's Seventeen Seconds in a list about "Albums that went darker", and a flashback review of Mecha-Streisand." (Thanks Heron)

"On current affairs show Newsnight on the BBC here in the UK tonight there was a piece about Abdelbasset Ali al-Megrahi who was found guilty of the bombing of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie. Pictures of the crash site were accompanied by 'A Reflection'. Mighty odd." (Thanks Adam)


  1. Someone at the BBC is indeed very fond of the band, i have stopped trying to send those Curespotting as they happen on a weekly basis...they played "Close to me (remix)" in a current affair programme a couple of weeks back

  2. Well, The Cure have become legends. They are our generation's Rolling stones/Beatles/The Doors.... They've made their mark and I always new since becoming a fan in 87 they'd end up like this. I know talent when I hear it, as do we all, apparently! I also see Roger now posts here, we also know good sites too! Thank you Craig for so many years of good info!!! You are THE man!!!

  3. yeah thanks craig i check this blog everyday even though it's mostly crap about 'curespotting' and depeche mode.

  4. Well if it's mostly "crap", why keep coming here? Maybe if the Cure weren't in a dormant period, the content would be better. Can't post about things that aren't happening.

  5. Yes you can ,Craig! Just make stuff up. A lot of the peeps that come here are very easily fooled.