Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update: Robert interview in new documentary

"French TV channel Virgin 17 is going to show a documentary called "Sympathy for the Brit Rock" on Thursday July 30th at 6:05 PM (Paris Time). They mention that this film has interviews with Radiohead, Robert Plant and Robert Smith. Maybe worth a look!" (Thanks Sylvain)

Update: Watch the interview here (YT has blocked the audio) and download it here. (Thanks Paris)
And here's a transcript: "Here is my attempt at transcribing the (very short) RS interview. I am sure this was shot backstage at the Vieilles Charrues Festivals in France in 2002 (other interviews filmed there aired on French TV at the time)
"The fact is that you stop asking questions when you get older you know, for a variety of reasons. Usually because you get a family and your perception changes. I haven't got any children and I think in that way, on a very fundamental level my perception of my place in the world has remained the same since I was a teenager so in that, I think there's a connection between what I write and people over a certain age who are probably starting to question their own existence. I mean I still do, that sounds absurd and I realize that's actually part of the problem you know."
"It's really nice how they appreciate, even if they don't really like The Cure that much, most of the other bands at the festivals appreciate(?) for us to still be doing this so there's a certain respect there. Because (?) still a certain amount of integrity. We kind of do thing because we want to do them." (Thanks Sylvain)


  1. whoot!! i hope this gets on youtube :)

  2. What ever happened to the website interview?

  3. Is there anyway we can watch this interview in full? Thankyou for the post (:

  4. I'll let you know what RS said, unless someone does it faster than me!


  5. whatever happened to the website interview? Ask Robert?

    What happened to the reissues?
    What happened to the Anniversary DVD
    What happened to the dark album

    ah the list is endless and we have to laugh really

  6. About the RS interview,
    The documentary is being showed now.
    From the half-a-second image of Robert they showed at the beginning of the documentary, I'd say the interview was filmed backstage at the vieilles Charrues Festival (Britany, France) in 2002. Let's see..

  7. Here we go:

    I extracted the R.S. part ( 51742 KB)

  8. Thanks for the RS Interview.

    I just downloaded it, but it seems that there is no sound at all.

    Mmmm it is just me ?

  9. Many thanks to our Cure friends who have provided this video! Merci!!

  10. Thanks for the download link!


  11. Actually, if the transcript is all he said, then it doesn't matter. Thanks for upload and all.