Thursday, July 2, 2009


MB has a brief mention of Robert in a Lady Sovereign review. (Thanks April)

Twentyfourbit has a mention of Robert in another "free music" article. (Thanks Heron)

Consequence of Sound has an article that mentions The Cure's contributions to the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. (Thanks April)

Tony Hawk asks Tom DeLonge (Blink 182) about working with Robert (it's the final question). (Thanks AndytheCurefan)


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  2. yeah that 'robert smith song' on the blink182 album (and elise song blink covered) was the reason i checked out the cure's music in the first place like four years ago and now i love the cure and hate blink182 haha

  3. There's a bit about that "free music" controversy which mentions Robert here

  4. The guy on that blog who talked about Robert's dedication of "Faith" to the Tiananmen Square students corrected his post. I had emailed him a few weeks ago about it and he posted the link I sent him from the Impression of Sounds site with the correct Faith lyrics.

    I sent an email to Craig about it a few weeks ago when the guy first corrected himself, but is Craig's email not working with the Compuserve problems? I figured he probably would have posted it if he got it since it does have to do with the Cure. Unless I have the wrong address?


  5. Emily: I got it. I updated the original post with it. Thank you.

  6. I was flicking thru this doco on oz tv a coupla nites ago about "M Jackson - what really happened"...anyway, regardless of the topic matter and opinions on the so called doco, they are interviewing this woman who obviously has lots to say, when, in the background, I hear familiar drums.....and its....."all cats are grey"...about half way thru, talking about all this guff we've heard a million times...but "all cats are grey"???????....WTF??????????????????????????????

  7. Austin 360 reviews Manikin:Stop the Sirens and mentions a cover of Grinding Halt. I couldn't decide if this was a Cure-spotting or a cover (or both) so I put it here.

  8. Really brief (and unflattering) mention of the Cure from Edinburgh's Evening News article "The Sounds of the Eighties that still resonate"

    The quote: "I remember big trousers were in as well. I went to see The Cure in about 1981 and Robert Smith had trousers on with a waistband that came up to his nipples."