Monday, March 2, 2009

Cure night in Sheffield

Offbeat - Sheffield's legendary indiepoppunk night

The Cure Special
Friday 6th March 2009 9pm - 1am
@ The Raynor Lounge, Sheffield University SU, Glossop Rd, Sheffield
admission £3.00 on the door
includes free lollipops, plus free Cure wallchart and sticker set for first 40 or so in...

Playing approx 15 tracks by the Cure in and around the usual Offbeat mix of classic and current leftfield indie, pop-punk, C86, new indiepop underground and lo-fi tracks. (Thanks C B)


  1. perfect.murder and Big Ginge - I guess Andy started something? I had no idea?! Is this funny, or sarcasm? :)

  2. I did no such thing Kate,

    i just like reading your comments. :D

  3. using the Citi presale code I pulled up 8 pit tickets for Pearl, but when not using the presale code i didn't come up with any.

    so there still is pit for Vegas!

  4. Hi Andy!

    Yes, I was trying to explain the pit ticket with Citi Card code thing earlier. ;)

  5. just makes me laugh in a good way ;)...hence the carry on thing x

  6. Sounds shit. What's with all these shitty Cure nights where they don't play all Cure all night?! :S What's the matter scared of alienating your indie audience or something. Feeling Gloomy was shit btw