Thursday, February 5, 2009

NME Awards tickets

"Fans may want to keep an eye on this site if they want tickets to the NME Awards show. They have been putting a few tickets on sale at random points over the past week. There were some available today but they are sold out again." (Thanks Steve)


  1. yesssssss!!!

    got my tickets for this and the o2.....two days in a row!

    can't wait

  2. CRAIG!


    "F.A.O. LONDON Cure Fans!!!
    22:30 - 04:00
    Cure Night @ Feeling Gloomy
    O2 Islington Academy 2 (Upstairs in the N1 centre, next to Vue cinema)
    16 Parkfield Street
    N1 0PS

    Nearest tube: Angel

    "The Cure are back in town! To celebrate their return to London, Feeling Gloomy is putting on a special Cure night. We'll be playing lots of lovely tunes by them in amongst the usual Gloomy bangers. Expect: Friday I'm In Love, Love Cats and Pictures Of You. Don't expect... Dancing Queen!"

    Facebook Event:

    Feeling Gloomy Website:


    Hope to see you all there! :D

    And afterwards Slimelight has a TradGoth floor on @ Electrowerkz
    Here's the Facebook group for it:"

  3. hi all CURE CHAINS,
    well, ive been trying to get tickets for the ceremony but nothing,,, on ebay the rip offs are seeling on 270 pounds each, can u believe it?
    if someone out there's got a spare tix, can u contact me and sell it to me at a reasonable price? i think that as YOU ARE CURE FANS for u is not a f,, bussiness,
    please, anyone! my plan is 2 meet up many real cure fans that are gonna attend to the show, specially "chains of flowers" lol
    i hope some cure fan give me a hand.

  4. jubline ,

    wow how did u find out about the tix?
    id buy u a lot of beers if i had got one,,, and would paint a portrait of you! but i couldnt get that ticket,,, so quick,,,
    im so desperate about a ticket,,, god!!!!!
    can anyone help me? anyway ill go there at least to try to slip through a gap!
    id love to meet real cure fans in this so cold and gray london!
    so sad,,, can anyone help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    need a little of a human touch...
    i think ive posted in so many places and noone seems to be able to help me,
    researching all day,,,
    fucking life,,, so full of downs

  5. Jessicca - there are still some on there, check again:{AEF79EC2-A4BA-4B4D-8D9D-95DE8BE8BD83}&filler1=id1nme


  6. hi jubiline,

    unfortunatelly im short sighted and adding lights,,, i would be desiring to jump from my seat!
    i need a standing, at least one,
    wow, girl you've got a s standing one for sure,, oh girl, u'll see the perfect boy... ohhhh im crying,, how many did u manage to get? if imnot asking too much,
    i know ull have the best time!
    ive got standing for the 02,,, i wnat to mmet some cofers,,
    anyway, ae u planning to go with sb special? to brixton?
    would u consider me if a spare tick near you needs a holder???
    yeah, im speaking like child...
    anyway i stay a child in the heart...

    anyone here wanting to talk about music and make friends,,, and meet in london

  7. Hi Jessica

    Seriously, the seated will be fine - Brixton is a small venue. It could be that they will have all the tables nearest the stage for the famous folk to sit at so standing may not get you any nearer. If you queue early, you will get the seats in the bste place as they are first come first serve.