Saturday, March 8, 2008

Austin Sold Out

Congratulations Austin, you sold out the show in 20-40 minutes.


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  2. Fuck yeah, we rule. I was up at 10am buying those tickets.

  3. Yeah, I blew that. Worked til 4am Fri/Sat and figured i could wake up sat. at noon or so and get a ticket. Boy, was i anybody have an extra ticket they're trying to sell? I would really appreciate it instead of having to go get one from ebay or stub hub at astronimical prices. If so, and willing to sell for less than a huge profit email me at Thanks

  4. I totally screwed up and didn't get tickets in time either. I actually have 2 extra Houston tickets that I would be willing to trade for Austin tickets. If you are interested please email me at

  5. Have any other U.S. dates sold out? is austin capacity about 4k? I checked hollywood bowl and you cant get two seats side by side. could just be ticketmaster crap but even the single tickets were nosebleed. and Santa barbara tix are pretty far back also. there are still good San Diego tix though. Is this tour going to sell better then the curiosa tour?

  6. Brandon,
    I'm not sure if any other US shows have sold out just yet, but some are said to be close.

    Yes, Austin capacity is only 4,400.

    ANYTHING would sell better than some of the Curiosa shows. : )

    Plus, they are doing a bunch of "half house" setups this time. Meaning they are only using half of the arena and moving the stage to the center of the floor. Making a 18-20,000 seat arena into a 8-10,000 seater instead.