Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cure in Rock Band?

"A Harmonix employee, Kasson Crooker, states he would like to see Cure downloadable content in the game Rock Band in this interview [oxmonline.com]:

OXM: What downloadable content are you looking forward to, or what bands would you love to have in the game?

KC: Iʼm hoping that at some point we can get some more obscure 80s Britpop bands, like maybe like Joy Division, or Bauhaus, or The Cure. The Smiths. I mean, Johnny Marr is one of the greatest guitar players of all time and he just has a completely different style. And I would
really like to play "Boys Donʼt Cry." Some really early Cure would make me really happy."

(Thanks Andrew)


  1. Wow. This would make me buy Rock Band. I have GH3 and always thought Cure songs would be a lot of fun. My buddy has Rock Band and loves it. He said drumming is the most fun. Could you imagine drumming along to Never Enough? Fun fun.

  2. it would be really cool to see a cure song in rock band. a cure pack would be wicked awesome.

  3. That would be sweet! There's actually a spot where you can request songs on the RB web site.