Reflections Night 2

The Cure - Reflections - Sydney, Australia (June 1st, 2011) 

1st set: 10:15 Saturday Night, Accuracy, Grinding Halt, Another Day, Object, Subway Song, Foxy Lady, Meathook, So What, Fire In Cairo, It's Not You, Three Imaginary Boys, The Weedy Burton!

From Olivier: "Not sure whether it's because I'm closer tonight but the band sounds (even) tighter than yesterday!"

2nd set (with Roger O'Donnell): A Reflection, Play For Today, Secrets, In Your House, Happy Birthday Simon, The Final Sound, A Forest, M, At Night, Seventeen Seconds

3rd set (With Roger and Lol Tolhurst): The Holy Hour, Primary, Other Voices, All Cats Are Grey, The Funeral Party, Doubt, The Drowning Man, Faith (slightly extended, no extra lyrics)

From Olivier: "Wrong last note on all cats are grey (where are those stickers? :-)). Big smile on Simon's part at that."

1st encore: World War, I'm Cold, Plastic Passion, Boys Don't Cry, Killing Another, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Another Journey By Train

2nd encore: Descent, Splintered in Her Head, Charlotte Sometimes, The Hanging Garden

3rd encore: Let's Go to Bed ("wait until 5"), The Walk, The Lovecats.

RS: "Thank you very much and good night! Thank you, and see you again...'

End of another spectacular show. Thank you so very much, Robert, Simon, Jason, Roger and Lol!

From Lara: "Have a feeling a lot more of tonight's show will end up on the DVD, incredible, a lot of smiles from the band, Roger laughing hysterically sometimes, at what I don't know
After the hanging garden - Robert - 'now let's go drop some acid...' "

Thanks again to Olivier and Bill for the updates!